Sunday, March 23, 2014

St. Pete Beach FL Teen Patrick McClean Run Over & Killed

17-year-old Patrick McClean died on Friday when he was run over by two different vehicles in St. Pete Beach, Florida. According to police, McClean was walking across Gulf Blvd when he was first hit by a Hyundai and then by a VW. The Hyundai was driven by Patsy Harris and the VW by Sean Daniel. McClean died at the scene. Authorities said that alcohol might have been a factor.

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Joseph Laurence said...

This really saddens me, and makes me so angry too. Another promising life cut short, because of crossing the road in our dangerous city. People seem to have no regard for human life when they are behind the wheel of a car.The Grand Prix event is about to start in downtown St. Pete this weekend. Do you think anyone will be killed at that event? Everyday in St. Pete and Pinellas county we have a "race event" , people speeding and not looking for pedestrians or bicyclists. I am beginning to think that, it is ok to kill people when driving. As far as the laws go here, that it has become an acceptable practice to run down pedestrians and bicyclists. These roads are not made for people. They are for speeding cars who own the road, not people. We have one of the worst records for pedestrian and bicycle fatalities, DEATHS, of any place in the country, if not THE WORST. Every single day, it seems, someone is being hit or killed by a car in this county. Stop the madness.
What if a group of people held up signs at this "race event" in downtown St. Petersburg, regarding the death toll of pedestrians and bicyclists in our town. The truth is ... we have one of the worst records for pedestrian and bicycle deaths in the nation...THE NATION ! Welcome to St. Pete, but be careful you don't get killed by a car when trying to simply walk the street.