Saturday, October 15, 2005

Earthquake Death Toll Rises To 40,000 - Pakistan/India

In one of the worst disasters ever, the death toll in the Pakistan and India earthquake has reach almost 40,000 people. Terrible weather condition are making life extremely hard for the survivors who are living in make shift housing with little food or water to sustain them. Even though governments from all over the world are sending aid, the shear amount of destruction and immediate need are overwhelming local officials.

Heavy rains are creating hardships on almost everyone in the area. Even rescue officials are growing tired as the job of recovering bodies and taking care of the survivors becomes more stressful each day. Tents are in short supply and rescue officials have told survivors that no more tents will be coming in the near future. Surely, the world can find some tents for these victims. There must be millions of tents in this world that are going unused right now.

In addition to the 40,000 dead, there are approximately 62,000 people that were wounded and hundreds of thousands that are homeless. Government officials have said they hope to have tents for everyone before the onset of winter. I wonder what the average temperature is for this region during the winter months? It is in the northern most part of the counties involved, so it probably gets very cold there in winter.

The United States has always been one of the most generous counties in the world when it comes to helping out people in a disaster. Our government is sending money, supplies and much need helicopters to the area, but more is needed. I believe the American people will be less able to give, considering they have already given billions of dollars to charities involved in the rescue, cleanup and rebuilding after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Let's face it, this has been a terrible year for worldwide disasters and there is only so much money and aid that can be given in such a short period of time. Unfortunately, people will suffer more in this earthquake ravaged region than they would have if the U.S. had not already spent billions of dollars on it's own disasters just a few months before. There are countries that have tremendous wealth that could do more, if they just would.

Countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates and many others that have great oil wealth and billions of dollars just sitting in investments around the world. At some point these countries are going to have to step up and help the U.S. and others with the cost of these type of world disasters.

The sad thing is that the money the United States is providing for disaster relief is being borrowed, because the government is running a deficit, and these same Arab countries are buying many of U.S. Government Bonds that are paying for this disaster aid. In effect, these rich countries are making money off the disaster instead of spending money to help the people.

Please pray for the people left without homes and those that have lost family members because of this earthquake. Also pray that the people that do have the resources to help will decide that it's the right thing to send money to their fellow man and give back some of the tremendous amount wealth that has been blessed upon them.

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