Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bill Backs Hillary Clinton - Surprised?

Anyone surprised that former President Bill Clinton is supporting Hillary in her yet to be announced run for President of the United States in 2008? This is such a funny headline that's making it's way around Internet news sites tonight. Of course he's going to back his wife for president. He's been her biggest cheerleader since she won her seat in the United States Senate from New York.

Actually she has a good chance of getting the Democratic nomination and winning against who ever the Republicans put up as their candidate. The country is tired of conservative politics and while it served the purpose of getting stupid welfare programs and a weak national defense posture changed for the better, it's time for good has past and now it's making the lives of people in this country worse, not better.

I've thought for a long time that when labor unions were first introduced into the U.S. they server a noble and valiant effort. They helped regular folks get a decent wage and safe working conditions. However, over the years their usefulness faded as their membership decreased and their leaders became corrupt and more interested in lining their own pockets than helping the hard working people that put them into office.

The Republican party is suffering from the same problem the labor unions did twenty (20) to thirty (30) years ago. They have outlived their usefulness and it's time to more on to something else. Hillary could be the change that the country is looking for IF she doesn't move too far left during the Democratic Party Primaries. If she goes into the primary season with weak competition, she will be able to stake out the middle ground, win the nomination and then the White House.

The problem Republicans are going to have is most of their candidates will run so far right during the primaries, that they will be stuck when it comes to the general election. Just like John Kerry, they will find it difficult to move to the center after being so extreme during the primaries. If they do move too far, too fast I can see the old "flip flop" coming back to haunt them as a reverse campaign slogan in 2008 from the Democrats.

I hope Rudy runs for the Republican nomination in 2008 and gets it. It will be more difficult for him to get the Republican nomination than it will be for Hillary to get the Democratic nomination. Why? Because his views on social issues are more moderate than the hard core base voters in the Republican party. However, if he can somehow win the nomination, look for a great close race for president in 2008.

This could be the best presidential election in history if the candidates are Rudy and Hillary!

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Bill Backs Hillary

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