Saturday, November 12, 2005

Crazy NASCAR Fans - Loving Those Drivers

First let me admit that I am not a NASCAR fan, so everything I'm going to write is coming from an observer, not a participant. That said, folks that follow NASCAR races and drivers are the most dedicated people to their sport that I've ever seen. These weekly races are exciting to the fans and they follow everything about the various drivers and the whole racing team that keeps them going each week.

Sometimes my wife and I go to a local bar and visit with friends. Every time we visit this bar on NASCAR day, there are fans there that are all dressed up in racing gear, shouting as loud as they can while watching the race on television. Some are making side bets on the race and all believe that their racing team is the best and will win the race. I use to think that NFL fans were the most dedicated to their sport, but not anymore. NASCAR folks have them beat by a mile.

I found out recently that NBC news anchor Brian Williams is a NASCAR fan, too. Wow, when folks in the big Apple are following this traditionally southern sport then I think it's got a great future. In fact, national television ratings are showing that nationwide, more and more people are watching the races each week. Before you know it, all three major television networks will be bidding on NASCAR races like they do now for major league baseball and national football league games.

Last week we had a meeting at work and before everything got started, I ask the person sitting next to me what the number "8" stood for on the back of her truck. She said, "Dale Earnhardt Jr", then smiled. I had no idea she was a NASCAR fan. She is an executive at our company and always comes across as not the traditional racing fan, but I guess on Sunday's she lets her hair down like millions of other folks during the race.

I've tried hard to get into these NASCAR races, but to date I'd still rather watch a Dallas Cowboy football game, but you never know. Even though it is tough for old guys like me to change their patterns, it does happen from time to time.

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Crazy NASCAR Fans

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