Saturday, November 26, 2005

Iraqi War Debate Drags On In America

Nothing will cause disagreement among people more than a discussion about war and peace issues. The war in Iraq is no exception and the longer this conflict goes on the more the various sides in the debate will dig in and become unmoveable in their position. The main issue in this debate is whether the United States should have gone to war with Iraq in the first place and even if we should have, when should we be bringing our troops home?

President Bush has said that the troops will come home when the job is finished. However, most people don't have a clue what that means and what signs they should look for that will show progress toward this goal. The President needs to go on national television and outline what he means by the troops will come home when the job is finished.

At work, when my boss says that bonuses will be handed out when our job is finished, everyone know exactly when the job is over, it's not open ended like this Iraqi war situation. The administration has made a mistake by not outlining a definite strategy the American people can hold on to. Without this vision people will make up their own minds when the mission is accomplished and that thinking will be greatly influenced by the constant suicide bombing attacks that we witness on the news everyday.

I'm not sure why the administration is so reluctant to discuss an exit strategy for the U.S. military in Iraq. Many of us are old enough to remember that this same kind of attitude is what cause tremendous problems during the war in Vietnam. Those that do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

The American people do not like open ended wars. We've never liked them and after Vietnam most people won't put up with it anymore. The Powell Doctrine should have been followed in this war because it mandates an visible exit strategy. However, the folks in control of this administration don't like Colin Powell, so they just did things their own way and now look what a mess they have gotten themselves and the country into.

Many of us old line Republicans have lost faith in this administration for various reason, but until recently I still supported the President in regards to the Iraqi war. While I think it would be wrong to cut and run at this stage, the President MUST outline some kind of exit strategy or he's going to lose the backing even from his core supporters.

Continuing to say that the troops will come home when the job is finished isn't going to work anymore without some kind of outline of what he thinks a completed job will look like. He may know exactly what he means when he makes these statement and if he does then he needs to define the mission for the American people so we will all know what accomplishments need to be met so we can get our brave men and women home.

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Iraqi War Debate

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