Sunday, November 20, 2005

Titan Arum Plant - Smells Like Death

Ever heard of the Titan Arum Plant? How about the plant that smells like death? Oh yes, you say I've heard about that one, but didn't know what it was really called. In various parts of the United States this foul smelling plant is going into full bloom right now and when it blooms that's when it starts smelling really bad.

When the Titan Arum Plant blooms it emits this terrible smell to mimic the stench of dead animals which is where many insects lay their eggs. As these insects attempt to deposit these eggs, they are captured by this planet and used as a food source. Pretty smart really, I guess these insects can smell, but thank goodness this plant doesn't.

People from all over the world have come up with their own names for this plant. Some call it the death smell plant, others call it the rotting flesh plant and many other similarly names have been given to it. It's funny how something that smells so bad can attract so many people that want to see and smell it.

I've always thought that something's were best left to the imagination and that's what I think about the Titan Arum Plant. I don't have a weak stomach, but still I don't have a burning desire to smell anything that allegedly smells this bad. It does sound like it might be a good gag gift for someone you really like. I sure wouldn't give it to anyone else or they might try to beat you up. The hard part of giving this plant as a gift would be getting it to stop smelling until you could get it delivered.

When I was studying this plant before writing this story I thought of some ideas I'd like to share. I wonder if this plant would help folks that are suffering from colds or sinus attacks? When my sinuses are acting up, I like to eat Jalapenos which cause my nose to run and it clear me out within a matter of minutes.

I wonder if this plant would have the same effect? Can you image if this worked and the doctor sent some of this plant home with patients as a medical treatment? I could see the national separation rate hitting a new all time high within a couple of days!

I may have to use this plant the next time I go catfishing at the lake. Catfish love bad smelling bait and from what I've heard this smells worse than anything else on earth. The only thing is, how I'm I going to be able to handle the smell while I'm putting it on the hook? Oh well, it sounded like a good idea for a few minutes anyway.

The next time you're driving down the road with your car windows open and catch a smell that resembles rotting dead flesh, you might want to look for this plant before you call the local homicide squad.

If you like to experiment with new things and have a cast iron stomach, you might check your local newspaper and find one of these Titan Arum Plant showings. Might want to put extra gas in the car because I can't imagine any family neighborhood welcoming in this kind of demonstration, so you might have to do some driving to find it's location!


Sand W said...

where can i get a picture.? .i think i have on that comes up every year to look beautiful as a towering green plant. really never smelled it before because it was surounded by shrubs that are now down, noticed it popping threw the ground ugly at this stage and smells like death>>

Sand W said...

i just remembered i did smelled it before ..when its blooming up each year and i remember complains to hubby to help me, there is something dead in the yard and i cant find it....i now remember swearing its dead in the hedges never finding was planted years ago by x daughter in law and has been coming up each year around may for 16 years now...dies before winter..