Friday, December 16, 2005

Baby Survives Fall In New York City Fire

Did you see the amazing video of a baby being caught by a man when the infant was thrown from a third story window by it's mother during a fire? This was amazing and my heart sunk the first time I saw this little tot falling into the arms of a total stranger yesterday in New York City. How many times have the rest of us in the U.S. heard about how cold and uncaring some people in NYC can be? I've heard this all my life, but just like we all saw on 9/11, New Yorkers may be jaded, but they do care and are willing to step up and do the right thing when called upon.

The video tape of this act isn't that clear, but I could make out three or four people that were standing outside this ladies window, with their hands in the air ready to catch this little child. It looked like there was a fence around the building and I could see snow on the ground. The mother dropped the child from a third story window and the kid was going really fast when he was caught by the "Good Samaritan" stranger standing on the sidewalk outside this apartment building. Firefighters rescued the mother a short time later by knocking down her door and providing oxygen, before they rescued her from the apartment building.

Most big cities give out awards for bravery and heroism. If they give such awards in New York City, this guy that caught this little baby deserves that award. For some, it would have been easier just to walk on by and let someone else deal with a situation like this. However, Felix Vazquez, a father of three himself, stepped up and did the right thing and in my opinion saved the life of this little child. What a wonderful story!

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