Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bono U2 Problems Surround Africa Effort

In a recent interview, Bono the lead singer of the immensely popular rock group U2, said that his charity work for people in Africa has create some problems for his band and career. I'm not totally sure I agree with his statements, but I don't have any first hand knowledge to the contrary. Bono said that the one thing rock groups can't afford to be is boring and I guess he thinks the fans are becoming bored with his charity work.

If most fans of U2 are so flaky that they don't appreciate band members like Bono getting involved in helping folks that are less fortunate, then it's their fans that need to make changes in their views, not the band. I'm not a big fan of the rock group U2, but I have become aware of them due to the hard work that Bono has put into helping sick children have a chance at survival in Africa.

I have grown to have a lot of respect for Bono and the work he is doing. There isn't going to be some big financial payoff for the work he's doing, but the benefits to his soul are incalculable. Most successful rock groups, like U2, have a certain self life and when it expires, young people, that buy most CD's, move onto some other rock group. That's just how the music business works and that may be what's happening to this massively successful rock band, U2.

There are few groups that can withstand the test of time. The only really successful rock group I know of is "The Rolling Stones", which recently had another tour where many commentators called them the "Rolling Bones" which was due to their older ages and they way they now look at age 60+. However, I'm proud of these guys for still having the strength to continue the hard work of a nightly road show and long tour.

Maybe U2 needs to follow the formula of "The Stones" and keep doing their thing for those of us that are getting older. No rock group can continue to draw young people to their shows when they are middle aged or older. There are millions of us that will continue to go see rock groups that we grew up with because the music they sing is going to always be a part of our lives.

The record companies are going to always be more interested in groups that can sell a bunch of CD's, but the real money from what I understand it from the groups point of view is in live performances and U2 and Bono should have a big enough fan base to continue their careers for many years to come. If this group believes their charitable work is a good thing to do, then their current success should take a back seat to doing the right thing.

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