Sunday, December 25, 2005

Dick Clark Returns To Times Square

It was great news when it was announced that Dick Clark is returning for the 2006 New Years Eve celebration in Times Square New York. Dick is recovering from a stroke and he missed last years celebration. While his speech and movement are not what they use to be, he feels comfortable returning to the show and millions of fans will welcome him back with open arms.

I grew up with Dick Clark watching "American Band Stand". These were days when most of us listened to rock and roll on AM radio stations and played vinyl records and 8 track tapes. Back then our televisions even played music in good old fashion mono. Dick Clark's looks are timeless. Almost no one would guess his correct age because he always has the same youthful appearence decade after decade. Don't you just hate people like that?

Until it was recently canceled by NBC television, my wife and I were faithful watchers of the television show "American Dreams", which was produced by Dick Clark and portrayed a family from the 1960's. This show was a great example of how people and families viewed issues back then and it really was an interesting program for folks in my generation.

Like so many network television shows these days, it didn't draw enough audience, so it was canceled after only a few seasons. However, everyone I know that gave this show a chance loved it and that goes to the wisdom of Dick Clark's ability to make quality television programs whether music related or not.

This year Dick Clark will have a co host for the New Years Eve Show, a great guy named Ryan Secrest who is best known for his LA radio show and the hugely successful "American Idol" television program where he is the host. We are so excite that Dick Clark is coming back to the New Years Eve program and even if he doesn't participate that much in the production, it's just good to know that he's doing better after his stroke. There are a bunch of us that love this guy.

So buy those party favors, balloons and champagne for this New Years Eve, because "happy days are here again" with Dick Clark back in charge of the show!

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