Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tony Dungy Returns Home After Son Funeral

Indianapolis head coach, Tony Dungy returned to his team today after a one week absents when his son, James Dungy, died shortly before Christmas of an apparent suicide. The "Colts" have an excellent chance of winning the "Superbowl" this year and if they do, the main person that put this great team together, Tony Dungy, should get most of the credit.

What I like about this Indianapolis team is that there are so many good players that make up the team. In the past few years, the "Colts" had a great offense, but the defense was well, just so, so. However, this year, coach Dungy has put it all together and built a strong team in all positions on both offense, defense and special teams.

With the loss of coach Dungy's son, only a couple of games before the playoffs start, I imagine most experts would think it unlikely the team could make it all the way to and win the "Superbowl", but I think they will win their playoff games and win the "Superbowl" in February.

Did you see coach Dungy talking to the media after his sons funeral on Tuesday? My heart was aching when I heard him talking about his son and the fact that as a Christian, James Dungy, was in heaven now with God for all eternity. This man is so full of class it's unbelievable. In many ways, Tony Dungy, reminds me of Tom Landry the Dallas Cowboys coach of the 70's. He doesn't have a lot to say, but when he tells you what he thinks, everyone listens and pays attention.

There's much more to the success of a man than his wins, losses or financial standing. A real man leads by example and that's what has made coach Dungy, such a successful coach, not only in Indianapolis, but in Tampa Bay, earlier. If "Time Magazine" had not of already selected their man of the year, I would think he would be a fitting person for that title. Of course, there is always next year and if he was in the running he would get my vote.

For coach Dungy, I would image the best therapy for his heavy heart would be to get back to work and start focusing on more positive things, like taking his team through the playoffs and to the "Superbowl" and that's exactly what I expect him to do. When I've experience a death of a close family member, in the past, I've found work to be a good way to get my mind on something else, so the healing of the heart can get started. Like I've said before, I'm not sure a persons heart can totally heal from the tragedy of losing a child, but we as human beings must try to find some way to deal with a loss like this and continue on with our lives. It's not easy, but nothing good in life is really all that easy.

It's hard for me to write another story about coach Dungy and his son without mentioning once again how important it is for parents to watch for signs of depression in their children. There is so much good quality research available on the Internet and from local mental health experts on this subject. Please learn about the waring signs and take comfort that if your child is suffering from depression there are treatments available that really do work.

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