Saturday, December 31, 2005

Farewell Robert Novak After 25 Years At CNN

Yesterday, was Robert Novak's last day at CNN after 25 years of service with the network. Novak will now travel across town and be a regular contributor at the Fox News Network, which will be a friendlier place for his conservative views. In recent years, I've found myself disagreeing with Robert Novak more than not, but he was always fun to watch on "Crossfire" and whether he was faking it or not, his outbursts and anger at his Democratic co hosts were funny to watch.

No one could ever say with a straight face that Robert Novak didn't have a healthy ego and he has proven that many times in his style of interviewing people and stating his political opinions. He visited Waco once to cover the David Koresh story and pretty much made all the local people mad with his condescending approach of covering the news. I think it would be impossible to be a national corespondent for any news organization without a big ego backing you up. Remember, these national columnist and contributors have to be pretty full of themselves just to be able to get through all the criticism they receive each day.

I still don't understand why Novak wasn't jailed for not revealing his source in the CIA leak prob, but there must be something I'm missing here. Maybe his revelation wasn't what the special council was looking for or something of that nature. Of course, it was that story Robert Novak wrote about in his newspaper column which ultimately caused CNN not to desire to renew his contract. Also, that little temper tantrum he had one day when he walked off the "Crossfire" set didn't help his case with his employers, either.

I guess if I want to see Novak in the future I will have to watch more Fox News, but that's not something I really enjoy doing. I consider myself a moderate independent, politically, and the only thing I'm finding lately on Fox News is far right political talk. However, I will switch over and watch him from time to time, if I know ahead of time he's going to be on-the-air. I wonder if the management at Fox News is going to require him to write another book? It seems like everyone else there has wrote or is writing a book they promote on the network.

The most positive part of this story to me is Robert Novak's age, 74. I hope I'm still able to work as much as he does when I get into my 70's. I remember watching him when I was a kid, back before cable news television, on a weekly TV show with his liberal counterpart who has since passed away. I wish Novak continued success at Fox News and may he continue to be an example for us forty something folks that we are truly middle age when it comes to our careers.

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