Saturday, December 31, 2005

Lost Sex Offenders After Hurricane Katrina

In one of the most disturbing events to occur after Hurricane Katrina, registered sex offenders have disappeared from the folks that are in charge of keeping tabs on them and have scattered out all over the country due to the way the government evacuated residents of Louisiana and Mississippi. Some government officials say that many of these creeps may be gone from offender tracking entirely, until they commit another sex crime. This is terrible news.

From what I've been able to find out, there could be thousands of convicted sex offenders that were evacuated from New Orleans alone and most have not checked back in with their probation officers to let them know where they have relocated. Most of these type of criminals repeat their crimes and there could be thousands of children being abused at this very moment nationwide because these criminals have disappeared from the radar screen.

It's one thing to track someone within a particular states borders, but when you ship these people out to 50 different states, in many ways you are opening up the prisons doors and letting them run wild though out a country that doesn't have a clue that their new neighbor or coworker is a convicted sex offender.

This may be a wake up call for the federal government to create a national sex registry, instead of relying on state government to keep up with these criminals. It's a proven fact that most sex offenders will not change their ways and if given the chance they will find another child to abuse and often times kill to satisfy their narcissistic dark sexual desires.

In one state out west, I can't remember exactly which one, they have an island where they place sex offenders that have served their time, but are likely to repeat their offenses if released back into the general population. There are large legal questions about this practice of separating people from society who have already served their jail sentences and this may eventually be declared unconstitutional. However, families are scared to death these days to have their children out of their sight because sex offenders are in every neighborhood and if you doubt this just check your state registry of sex offenders.

I don't have a clue what the ultimate answer is when dealing with people that have this mind set that abusing children is somehow OK. It just makes me sick and most people are frustrated by the fact that nothing anyone tries seem to work in getting these sex offenders to stop their abusive nature. Many states have tried different types of treatments, but to my knowledge nothing seems to be effective at stopping this sick desire they have to abuse children.

The only solution I can think of is to make sure they can't repeat their crimes by separating them permanently from people that might be their next victim. This metal disease they have has not yet been proven to be treated effectively and it's wrong to turn these kinds of criminals back out of society, when there is a 99% chance they will commit the same type of crime again.

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