Wednesday, December 28, 2005

No Shame Thieves Steal From Red Cross

When you think about the worst possible criminals, the folks that stole money from the Red Cross that was suppose to go to people devastated by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi have to appear high on that list. Police in California have already arrested at least one dozen people in this scam with more arrested expected in the next few weeks.

These folks that did this must have some kind mental issues which keep their brains from having a conscience. Anyone that watched the destruction and suffering of folks after this storm would have to have some kind of sociopathic personality to steal from these folks and not give it a second thought.

There were the so called experts on television today that were criticizing the Red Cross for hiring outside contractors to help distribute aid to needy families. However, I don't think it's the Red Cross's fault that some folks decided to steal money that was meant for people in need. The financial tragedy of Hurricane Katrina was far greater than any single event this agency has faced in a long time and for the first few weeks they were trying to find help anywhere they could get it so that the people with immediate needs could be helped.

Rather than point fingers at the Red Cross, I believe that state prosecutors need to make an example out of these folks that ripped off these families in need. It's hard to believe they have much redeeming value to society when they have such little regard for people that have lost everything. Maybe a few years in jail might make a permeate change in their attitude and even if it doesn't, they won't be on the streets stealing from anyone else while they are locked up for their crimes.

It seems like white collar crime is growing in recent years and this is just another step in that evolution. We've seen examples of corporate CEO's ripping off folks in the stock market and many people are just following their example and taking money whenever and where ever they think they can get away with it. Most of us have to guard our computers now days like Fort Knox because hackers and other criminals are always trying to steal private information they can turn into cash for themselves.

I'm a big supporter of the Red Cross and I think they are doing their best to distribute money fairly to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. There is no other private organization that could even attempt what they have done to help people and families in need and the country owns this organization a debt of gratitude, not a slap in the face, for all their hard work.

Let's keep our eyes on who the real criminals are in this story. They are the people that went to work for the Red Cross NOT to help their fellow man, but to enrich themselves. These kind of people have been around since the beginning of time and they are not going away. All we can do is punish the people that have committed these crimes and try to learn more about them so we don't get victimized by their likes again. Don't blame this good organization for the sins of others. The Red Cross is an honest organization!

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