Thursday, December 29, 2005

Father Kills Three (3) Daughters In Pakistan Honor Killing

There was news today out of Pakistan about a father that killed three of his daughters and a stepdaughter because he didn't want them to grow up and commit adultery. It's unbelievable that people in the world still believe in acts like this and it's even more disturbing that many religious leaders and governments condone such behavior.

In Pakistan women are still looked more upon as property of men than individuals. Other counties pretty much believe the same way. Apparently, this father was trying to save his family honor by killing his daughters who he thought MIGHT grow up and commit adultery. In most countries of the world this kind of statement might be something used by a defense attorney if they didn't have anything else to defend their client with.

It's important that we don't paint everyone in Pakistan with a wide brush and assume that all men in that country feel the same way. If this kind of thing was going on everyday, there would be worldwide condemnation and the fact that this story made the news today, proves that it's not that wide spread of a practice.

The Muslim religion, like every other major religion on the earth has at it's core a message of love, peace and understanding. However, just like in Christianity, some in the Muslim world take a few words of scripture and mold it around the beliefs and opinions that want to live their lives by. In many ways, Islam has been hijacked by a few folks that are using this religion to justify murder.

Christians have had their own set of problems with extremist throughout history such as the "Spanish Inquisitions" and with nut cases like David Koresh and Jim Jones. There are always going to be some people that believe their way is the only way to salvation and if you won't follow them then you're some kind of devil that should be killed.

I feel terrible for the mother of these poor girls that were killed in Pakistan. The father reportedly told her not to interfere with his killing spree and she was forced to watch as he killed each one of them by cutting their throats. The youngest daughter was only four years old. This guy should never be allowed to walk the street again as a free man. He is a potential treat to anyone that doesn't agree with his extremist views.

For most people the thought of their child dying before them is something they don't even want to think about and I feel confident that this is something that is felt in all religions. This man is mental disturbed or has been brainwashed beyond recovery. Either way he is a threat to other members of his family and the public in general.

I've heard similar stories in other countries over the years and when you read about something like this, it's natural for you to get angry and want to punish someone that has committed such a crime. However, the good news is that this isn't happening all the time and when it does happen, just about everyone will believe that no father has the right to kill his children, for any reason.

Let's please try not to lump this murder in Pakistan in with all people of his faith. Just like we don't assume all Christians are bad because of the actions of David Koresh or Jim Jones. There will always be people that will do terrible things in the name of religion and when we all hear stories like this one, it would be easy to use that big brush to condemn a religion because of the actions of just one man or group of men. No man, religious or not has the right to kill his own children under any circumstance.

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