Wednesday, December 07, 2005

War Divides Democrats As Midterm Elections Near

The political pundits have been on the television today talking about how the Democrats are not united in their views about the Iraqi War. I don't see anything wrong with party division when it comes to a controversial war. What's strange is that 100% support of the war among Republicans. It's like there is no one that thinks for themselves in the party, so they all just follow the party line. The country is pretty much divided on this war and it would seem strange if the Congress didn't reflect public opinion.

When it comes to important issues like war, I think party leaders should encourage all members of Congress to follow their conscience. We don't have a parliamentary form of government and every member of Congress has to stand on their own record when they face their own voters. I'm a Republican and I know many other party members that have concerns about Iraq, but where are the voices of concern in my own party? They are no where to be found. They are just following the leader and are unwilling to express an opinion in the fear they will be labeled as weak, indecisive or as John Murtha found out, unpatriotic if they dare challenge this administrations policies.

I don't agree with folks like Howard Dean that say this war can't be won and I don't agree with the administration when they say that everything is going great in Iraq. Why has our country become so extreme on all issues? The regular folks I talk to everyday seem to understand that there are problems in Iraq, but no one is ready to give up and quit. How in the world Howard Dean was selected for that job is beyond belief. I'm sure there are many in the Democratic party that would like to send him back home, for good.

I'm glad to see Democrats stand up for what they believe in about the war in Iraq. Joe Lieberman makes a good case for his position and John Murtha does, too. This whole country was built around political debate and all the name calling from various party leaders is not getting this war finished any sooner. I feel for the U.S. troops in Iraq next year when all the political games get underway in earnest for the 2006 Congressional elections. I know they have live television coverage in Iraq, I just hope that includes HBO for next year because they are going to need a break from all the political double talk about the war.

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War Divides Democrats

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