Saturday, December 31, 2005

Welcome Back Dick Clark To New Years Eve Show

It was such a good sight seeing Dick Clark return the the New York, New Years Eve show tonight. When my wife first heard him talk she said it made her sad, but I commented that it was a good sign that he was back on the show and while his speech patterns are not what they use to be, his mind was sharp as a tack and that's what's important to me.

When a person has a stroke, like Dick Clark did, it kills off certain parts of the brain, so other parts of the brain have to learn how to do things they have never preformed before. Apparently, when Dick Clark had his stroke, it destroyed the part of the brain that effects his speech patterns. While it might have seemed like a bad thing listening to him talk, the very fact that his brain is relearning these tasks is great news.

Remember it took most of us years to learn the basics of speech just by listening to our parents and other folks around us. Within a few years, Dick Clark will be talking again just like he use to because he has a positive mental attitude and even in his mid 70's he has not given up on life.

Please don't let the way he sounded on the show tonight alarm you. This is perfectly normal when a person has a stroke that effects the speech part of the brain. Other, non damaged parts of his brain will relearn how to talk and he will be sounding like the old Dick Clark before you know it. It speaks volumes to me that he was willing to go back on national television tonight, knowing that he wasn't 100% and would face the ridicule of some. However, he proved to me tonight that he's going to recover from this stroke and continue to live a productive life for as long as he can.

Welcome back Dick Clark. It did my heart good seeing you tonight on television and no matter what any of the so called negative folks might say about you, I believe that you will be good as new in a short period of time!

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