Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Is A Year To Forget Because Of Disaster

In so many ways, 2005 is a year to forget and hopefully not repeat anytime, soon. It started off with Asian countries picking up their dead and dying after a terrible Tsunami killed hundreds of thousands of people in Indonesia, India and Thailand on the day after Christmas. Watching the scenes of destruction on television in this area, it reminded me of pictures of the total destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after a nuclear bomb was dropped on them.

Even a full year later, most people have not come close to putting their lives back into order and many of the dead have never been found. Many were just washed out to sea to never be seen again. The worst part of this tragedy is that some family units were completely wiped out from grandparents all the way down to their children and grandchildren. The entire family unit was wiped from the earth, forever.

No one in the United States will ever forget Hurricane Katrina. This storm caused more monetary damage than any natural disaster in the countries history. In many ways, this hurricane removed most of the city of New Orleans and other small cities in Louisiana and Mississippi from the map. There are still bits and pieces of cities left, but nothing resembling what was there before Katrina.

The biggest thing that happened in the aftermath of Katrina was the mass relocation of a major city to other communities all over the United States. I've never seen anything like this happen before and I'm not sure this is the best plan when mass evacuations take place in the future. Families were separated from each other, people lost track of their pets and in the latest development convicted criminals have been lost from the system so it's likely they will commit more crimes in the future.

Then came the massive earthquake in Kashmir, located between northern India and Pakistan. This massive earthquake kill tens of thousands of people initially and thousands more died over the next few weeks and months from diseases and exposure to bad weather. While most countries of the world rushed aid to this devastated region of the world, the amount of damage and need far outweighed any counties ability to respond in a fast and meaningful way. Thousands of folks survived the earthquake, only to die from lack of care issues later on.

From my viewpoint, the children are always the ones that get hurt most in a natural disaster like this. It just broke my heart watching these kids suffering and there was nothing that could be done to give them a chance at survival. I love television news, but sometimes I'd rather not see these problems when there are no solutions available to save the children.

There are other disaster stories from this year, but none rise to the level of death and destruction as these three examples. I don't want to see the likes of the year 2005 again any time soon. Let's hope that 2006 will be a more peaceful year for all this worlds citizens.

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