Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Suffers Stroke

In news that is bad for his family and the world in general, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has suffered a major stroke and has relinquished his duties as Israeli Prime Minister. Just a few months ago, Sharon, decided to start a new party in Israel to help continue the peace process with the Palestinians. To me, this is bad news for the middle east peace prospects.

Ariel Sharon began his life as a staunch conservative that thought the only way to deal with Palestine was through military force. However, as he has aged his views have changed and he now believes so strongly that peace will be achieved via talks and negotiation, that he decided to leave his political party and start a new one. This takes guts and unfortunately his recent illnesses might put a death nail in his plans for a more moderate political leadership in Israel.

Peace progress in the middle east seems to always be one step forward and two steps back and it looks like that's what will happen again with this news of Sharon's stroke. Maybe there are other visionaries that will step forward and take up where he left off, but I have my doubts as to the viability of that happening. Maybe the time just isn't right for real peace in the middle east, yet.

I pray that Prime Minister Sharon will recover from this stroke, but doctors don't seem very positive in their outlook and I think they are just preparing everyone for the worst. Whether you agree with Ariel Sharon's vision of the middle east or not, he is a man with guts and that's what it's going to take to get a lasting peace between Israel and Palestine.

I pray for his family and friends during this difficult time in their lives.

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