Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year Means It's Time To Diet

A coworker told me last night that he's about to go on the "Southbeach Diet". He's only 22 years old and weighs over 300 pounds. His entire family has weight issues and he wants to try and get his weight down because he knows in his heart that he won't live very long unless he does.

We were joking around last night about carbohydrates and how important they are to the American diet. I told him I went on the "Adkins Diet" once and after about a week I could smell a bread truck, three miles down the road. I told him I would need a 12 step program for bread withdrawal, before I could go on any kind of low carbohydrate diet again.

I don't think any of these carbohydrate restrictive diets are really that healthy for the people that get on them, but it's not healthy being 22 years old and already weigh over 300 pounds, either. I hope he's successful in losing this weight. I've known many people that have lost weight on these kinds of diets, but I have yet to meet anyone that has kept the weight off more than a year after stopping the program.

I need to shed a few pounds, too. It's hard to live in the United States and stay trim. The very few people that are really fit and trim are in television commercials advertising cloths and diet products. People blame the fast food companies for these weight issues, but I think it goes much deeper than that. There are genetics involved, too and it's hard to fight something that was present when you were born.

Of course, all this weight loss talk is happening at offices around the country because we are in the first month of the New Year. Losing weight is and has been the biggest New Years Resolution for a long, long time and while it's definitely the most popular resolution, most people will get on the scales and be heavier next year than this one.

If I'm right and weight is a genetic issue, maybe some scientist will come up with a genetic cure to help those of us that really want to lose weight, succeed. It's so hard to do successfully and most of us fail time after time which can cause depression and a sense of hopelessness because society teaches us early on that weight issues are a direct result of "lack of control".

I hope my coworker is successful in losing some weight with his diet program as I wish everyone the best when they try something new to improve their health. I guess I just don't believe in diets anymore because of my tract record with them. For me, it's so easy to lose the weight, but I can never keep it off and when it does come back, I'm heavier than I was before.

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Time To Diet