Thursday, January 19, 2006

Weight Loss Vacation Newest Travel Trend

I was looking at some travel brochures the other day and one of them said they were a great place to take a weight loss vacation. I did a doubt take and read that again because it completely caught me off guard. I guess it makes sense, but I've never thought of "weight loss" and "vacation" in the same sentence before. When I take a vacation, it's usually because I want to relax and forget about issues like shedding a few pounds. However, this is some kind of new trend and if folks want to take their annual vacation break and remove a few pounds from their bodies than more power to them.

It actually makes sense, in a messed up sort of way, to do something like this because every time I've tried to lose weight in the past, I've become very stress out, especially during the first few days of cutting back on daily calories and/or starting a new exercise program.

While there are hundreds of weight loss programs on the market, all of them are based either on calorie reduction, increasing exercise or a combination of both. There's just no other way to get around this, even if some of these weight loss plans and vacation getaways have flashy pictures and packaging, it's a mathematical certainty that a person must burn more calories than they consume before weight loss will happen.

I read all the time about how most people in the western world are becoming massively obese. I didn't really need to read this to know it's true, all that is required is to look in my own mirror or check out folks around town. It's kind of a hard thing to hide, really. Most people are concerned about their weight and want to do something about it, but it's very difficult to lose weight and it's really hard to keep those pounds off.

Most so called weight loss experts blame the western lifestyle for increasing obesity. The prevalence of "fast food" restaurants is a common target, along with the sedentary lifestyle most people are living today. I don't dispute these findings, but they have been saying these kinds of things for years and rather than the average weight of folks going down, it keeps getting higher all the time and now in some cities and groups of people it's becoming an epidemic which is endangering the health and longevity of thousands of people.

I don't think this problem can be blamed on a "fast food" lifestyle. The truth is that a calorie is the same in a "Big Mac" as it is in a salad. It's true there are more "fat grams" in the burger and it will definitely raise your cholesterol higher than the salad, but it's not the fat grams that make you fat, it's the calories and lack of exercise that cause that. Rather than looking for "bad guys" to blame, I think it makes more sense to simplify this whole issue and maybe people will have better luck losing weight and keeping it off.

Our bodies run pretty much like an automobile. If you put more gas into the tank than you use, eventually it will run over and spill onto the ground. In this example, gas is calories and the vehicles engine is exercise. Unlike the car, your body won't spill all it's excess fuel onto the ground, but will just hold onto it for future use. So to remove that extra weight you must crank up that human body engine and start burning off some of that excess fuel. I know this sounds simplistic and it is, but the basic process of weight loss is simple. Burn more than you consume and you will lose weight.

Of course, if this simplistic approach doesn't work for you or you'd rather make the whole process a little more exciting, then one of these "weight loss vacations" might just be the ticket for you. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that losing weight isn't as much fun as putting it on in the first place and when all the various weight loss issues are pealed back, that is probably the main reason that many of us became so over weight in the first place.

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Weight Loss Vacation