Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bird Flu Spreading Across The World

While most people in the United States continue to debate the VP Cheney accidental shooting of a friend while quail hunting last weekend, the "bird flu" is still spreading across the world and health professionals and governments are still at a loss on how to stop it or control it's spread worldwide.

When I first heard about this "bird flu" disease, I thought it might be another false alarm like we had in the 1970's when everyone was concerned about the "swine flu" and President Gerald Ford tried to have the entire population of the US vaccinated against that disease. That action turned out to be a terrible decision on his part and most government leaders have learned from that mistake.

The problem is, that just because the "swine flu" didn't continue to spread and cause a worldwide epidemic, doesn't mean that this new disease, "bird flu", won't turn out to be a problem for the world community.

I remember learning in high school and college about various plaques that have caused millions of deaths over the years here on planet earth. At the time these epidemics were happening, no one really understood what was really going on, they just knew that something bad was spreading around the world and millions of people were dying from it.

Unfortunately, we are living in a tabloid world that would rather read and hear only about the misery of folks that are sometimes called celebrities, rather than focusing on real issues like the possibility that millions of their friends and neighbors could be killed by a disease that has no cure. To me, this is very scary stuff and while I don't stay awake at night thinking about it, I certainly hope people that are experts in developing medical cures are staying up and working on some kind of vaccine or cure for this disease.

A few months ago when President Bush was talking about the potential problems related to the spread of "bird flu", I thought to myself that he was just "changing the subject" from a scandal problem that was facing his administration rather than warning the public of a major potential problem which will eventually strike the United States. Now, I'm beginning to wonder if what he was saying might have been more true than diversionary, but why should he continue to talk about this problem, if there is nothing promising to report in the way of a cure?

The purpose of this posting is not to scare anyone, but only to inform you that something big is happening here and it's spreading across the globe. There is no need to worry about the "bird flu" unless you are a scientist that might be able to offer some kind of cure. The rest of us just need to be aware that this could become a serious problem, worldwide, over the next year and try to stay as well read as possible about potential cures that might come our way.

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