Wednesday, March 22, 2006

40% Support For Hillary Clinton

The latest round of public opinion polls show that Hillary Clinton is only supported by less than 40% of voters in the race for President in 2008. Folks are starting to wonder if this is her peak, when it comes to national politics, or if there is more possible support for her as the campaign draws closer? I think there is more support for her, but it’s not going to materialize until there is a definite Republican front runner in the race against her. Also, she must rid herself of the liberal baggage, which she has pandered to for years, both as “First Lady” of the United States and Senator from the State of New York.

It’s a long time until the presidential election of 2008 and I look for Hillary to continue to move to the center in national politics. The best chance Hillary Clinton has at winning the White House is if the Republicans nominate someone that is too conservative. Someone like John McCain should have no trouble beating her, if he isn’t damaged too severely in the Republican nomination process. I think the American people are looking for moderates in both political parties. The country has been so divided by extremist for the past few campaigns; it might just be time for the nation to move back toward the center.

I can’t think of anyone in the United States that is more polarizing than Hillary Clinton, with the possible exception of President Bush or Al Gore. She is viewed by almost everyone, in both political parties, as a left wing liberal. While that title will certainly help her raise money, it will cause most of the country to desire almost anyone, but her as the next President of the United States. The key to a Hillary victory in 2008 is two fold. First the Republicans must nominate an ultra conservative candidate and Hillary must continue to move toward the center of the political divide.

The hard part is moving to the center while not losing the Democratic liberal base, which is necessary to raise sufficient money to mount a national campaign for president. Also, every time Hillary moves more toward the political center, other Democratic heavy weights will be tempted to throw their hats into the ring and run against her. Running for president isn’t as easy as it looks. Basically, it’s a juggling act between voters who will decide a party’s nomination and the real folks that will show up on Election Day to chose between the two candidates that are still standing after several years on the campaign trail.

With the possible exception of Karl Rove, Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton is the best political strategist on the planet. While almost everyone will be telling her to distance herself from her husband when and if she runs for the presidency, that would be a huge mistake. Some folks just have an instinct for politics and Bill Clinton is one of those people. I never voted for him and for most of his presidency I disliked the way he conducted himself and disapproved of many of the choices he made as president. However, he was successful when almost everyone thought he was finished, several times in his political career. For that I have to give him high marks as a successful politician.

I have a gut feeling that Hillary Clinton will decide to ignore all the political pundits and wrap her arms squarely around her husband when she makes her run for the presidency. I really hope she decides to run. For people like me that enjoy watching politics and discussing various candidates and their opinions, a presidential race with Hillary Clinton in it certainly won’t be boring. I’ve also noticed the political pundits and pollsters are wrong most of the time when they start making predictions years in advance of elections. For all most of us know, John McCain might not even be the Republican nominee when all the dust settles.

Let’s all get ready for a knock down drag-out presidential race, which will officially begin the minute the polls close, after this November’s off-year congressional elections.

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