Friday, April 14, 2006

Blaming Fast Food For Obesity Problems

It seems like every year the number of people who are living in denial increase. No one seems to take personal responsibility anymore. Recently, folks that are fat are back to blaming the fast food industry for their obesity problems. I love fast food and I love to eat at places like, Burger King, McDonalds and Taco Bell. The truth is that eating at these places is a choice, not a requirement. Why is it so hard for people to admit it’s their own actions that are making them fat and not the fast food industry? Back before fast food restaurants became a normal part of our lives, there were the “mom and pop” places, which were often referred to as “greasy spoons”. These healthy restaurants dotted the landscape from sea to shining sea. I remember one of these restaurant owners telling me something funny once about his business. He said, “we can cook anything you want, as long as it can be made with grease”!

The primary reason these fast food restaurants are so popular is because the food they serve is good and people enjoy eating good food especially when the price is right. Everyone I know is in a rush all day long. People rush from the time they wake up and start getting the kids ready for school until they stagger to bed at night totally exhausted. The sad truth is that fast food is quick to prepare and fast to eat and that’s why people choose to make it a part of the everyday life. In my opinion the major fast food companies have made tremendous strides in the past few years offering good choices to their menus for people who are trying to eat right during their busy everyday schedule. Now the food police seem to be interested in forcing these restaurants to only offer good choices on their menu to try in some way to force people to eat right. This will never work because people are going to eat what they like, not what health experts think they should like.

This attitude of no personal responsibility has been growing the past ten to fifteen years and it’s gotten to the point where no one is willing to take blame for anything they do. Problems are always someone else’s fault and right now it’s the fast food chains that are being blamed for so many overweight people in the US. In a way I can understand why people want to blame someone else for their weight problems. Losing weight is hard and keeping that weight off is REALLY hard. However, it’s not the fault of businesses that offer a good product at a good price for the obesity epidemic in the US or any other country. Usually, when I start hearing talk about someone being to blame for others problems, there is usually an attorney in the mix who is interested in suing someone for money. When I was growing up in a small town, folks who tried to blame their own lack of discipline problems on other people were frowned upon because they were considered folks who lived in denial.

Living a happy life is all about making the right choices. When we make good choices, our life seems to flow like a river going down stream. The problem with too many people today is that they make terrible choices. Then when problems come along after those bad choices are made they want to blame someone else for them. The only way to lose weight or find a happier life is to take personal responsibility for our own actions and try not to repeat the bad ones. Making bad choices and blaming someone else for them will only lead to a life of misery and denial.

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