Sunday, April 23, 2006

Problem With McCain - Conservatives Lack Trust

I was talking with my mother a few days ago and she ask me who I thought would be the Democratic candidate who will run against John McCain for President in 2008? My mother, who is a “yellow dog democrat”, is always interested in Republican politics because I follow them much more closely than she does. I ask her, why she thought John McCain would be the Republican nominee in 2008 and she said that everyone she was listening to in the media had pretty much already declared him the winner. I told her that this type of conventional media thinking was very premature because millions of social conservative Republicans will never vote for John McCain for President.

While I don’t consider myself a social conservative, I am a Republican and I too don’t like the way John McCain has been approaching politics ever since he ran against George W. Bush in the 2000 campaign. During that campaign, John McCain was always talking about how special interest money was ruining the political process in the United States. To begin with I believed what he was saying, but ever since I gave his campaign a small amount of money during his 2000 Republican bid, I have received numerous letters from his campaign committee requesting donations for his endeavors. These actions made me suspect to his real intentions years ago and his recent actions of “sucking up” to social conservative leaders this time around strike me as very disingenuous to say the least.

McCain is getting old and the 2008 campaign will be his last chance to run for President. My thinking is that he will do or say anything right now to win the Republican nomination and that sad fact will most likely doom his chances at the nomination. Now the major news media is going to stick with John McCain till the bitter end because of his so called, “straight talk” when it comes to politics. If John McCain represents “straight talk” then I would hate to meet someone that was worse at it than he is. Most social conservatives consider John McCain and other moderate Republicans, RINO’s. That stands for “Republican In Name Only”. No amount of work he can do between now and the 2008 Republican nominating process is going to change the feelings of true social conservatives about his stand on issues that matter most to them.

I feel bad for John McCain because he not only has served his country honorable in Vietnam, but he has been one of the brightest voices for reason in the US Senate for years. However, when a reasonable politician throws his or her hat into the ring and makes a run for President of the United States, then all sound reason seems to leave their brain and they start doing anything to win. If John McCain followed up his good words with the right actions, he might just be the next President of the United States. However, the more people start to see the conflicting principles of this proud and brave man, the less likely they are to support his bid to become our next President.

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