Saturday, April 08, 2006

Weight Panic Attack - Are People Getting Too Thin?

Are people getting too thin? From the looks of my friends I would say no because they are just like me, pretty good size. However, out there in Hollywood land it’s an entirely different story. Since most of the media is fixated with stars in Southern California some of them are writing about the latest chatter from the “left coast” about people losing too much weight. Ok, sure there are folks in Hollywood who don’t eat enough because they believe their only chance at getting high quality movie roles is to stay as thin as a rail. However, there are many actors and actresses who don’t look thin, but rather appear in good physical shape. I think this is where the distinction should be drawn is in the physical conditioning of people instead of what kind of number shows up when they step on the scales.

It’s really amazing that more people are not suffering from eating disorders considering how many companies are now running commercials on television promoting their latest weight loss program. I live in Texas, but one of the biggest programs going around our state right now is a program called “LA Weight Loss”. I still don’t understand why that name has appeal to folks in Texas, but this company seems to be doing big business. More than likely the reason this company is doing well, not only here but also around the US, is because conventional wisdom says that most new ideas come out of Southern California. So if a company contains the name of the largest city in that region, then it must be cutting edge when it comes to weight loss. Of course it might just be that this company is successful in helping people lose weight, too.

The real trick to weight loss is finding a way not only to lose the weight, but also to keep it off for the rest of your life. I haven’t found any diet program that has been successful in helping people keep weight off after they lose it through their weight loss program. There are so many people and industries that have become the obsession of blame because of the obesity epidemic in the US. One group or another has blamed everyone from grandma, to mom, to "Ronald McDonald" for the US weight gain problem. Could it be that this isn’t really a problem at all? Maybe it’s perfectly natural for people to go through periods where the average weight of the population goes up and then centuries later the weight comes back down. The world is full of cycles, but that kind of thinking doesn’t sell diet books and videos because there is no money to be made.

What is wrong with accepting your life and body the way they are? Don’t get me wrong, it’s important for all people to work and strive for improvement in their life. However, why does that improvement always seem to center around the amount of weight we carry on our bodies? The Hollywood culture of “thin is in” has a lot to do with this problem and the people who make decision about what cloths are in fashion are part of the problem, as well. Anyone that wears larger sizes than fashion designers consider normal is delegated to shopping at different stores than folks who are designated as being normal size. Human nature pushes us really hard to fit into what is considered normal. However, we are not required to go along with these stupid people who design cloths, because without the people who are plus sizes who purchase their products in discount malls, the designers would most likely not make enough money to continue in business.

Let’s be satisfied with the way that God has made us. Eat right and get moderate exercise and if your body continues to carry more weight than some experts or medical professionals consider to be ideal, then just ignore their criticism and do the best you can. While excess weight might not kill you, stress certainly will and nothing creates more stress and self-doubt than some person trying to tell you that your are not normal because of your weight.

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