Monday, May 29, 2006

Barry Bonds Passes Babe Ruth In Home Runs

As Barry Bonds surpassed Babe Ruth tonight in home runs, I didn't see any breaking news announcements on any network except ESPN. The reason, no one in their right mind believes that Bond's passed this record via his own abilities. Most folks think he has been cheating for years by using steroids to enhance his playing abilities. This whole medication enhancement deal in Major League Baseball is one of the most disgusting things I've seen in the world of sports. While most major league sports are working hard to crack down on cheaters, Major League Baseball has gone in the complete opposite direction and very little has changed this season.

Sure, there is some random testing going on and what do you know? Many of these players look like they have lost weight and muscle tissue since last season. I wonder how that happened? While this whole steroids situation would be easy to blame on overly ambitious players, intelligent people know that there is more going on here than just a few players who want to succeed with the aid of drugs. The world of Major League Baseball is to blame and I don't think down deep inside they want to change the way they are doing business one bit. TV ratings and game attendance is up at the average MLB game and why fight success if you're an owner or the commissioner of baseball?

There are special commissions, which have been started to work on clean up MLB for good. However, I don't believe there is an interest in accomplishing this goal from any side which is involved in the current structure of the game. What MLB has become is a win at all cost type of sport with little or no REAL rules for the game behind the game. Sure, the fans are excited when someone is chasing a Baby Ruth record, but the truth is no one will truly recognize that record under the current cloud that surrounds the sport. So, these MLB players are risking their health and life for nothing of substantial value except their current paycheck.

History will not look back favorable on this time when it comes to the truly American sport of Major League Baseball. I believe history will record what's going on here as some kind of abolition where current players will be listed as "footnotes" in history and the real records set by Babe Ruth and other great players will remain the real records to beat. In the mean time, hundreds of MLB players will live shorter lives because they were convinced that they had to cheat by taking steroids to be successful in this game. Someday, when they get old, they will be looked upon as someone fake who tried to be real in the game of baseball.

When this happens the owners of these baseball teams will be even richer and probably not even return the telephone calls of these once great players who made them rich by sacrificing their own bodies for the sport of MLB. The only good news about this whole situation is that history will remember this “robber baron” owners worse than the players who followed them down this path.

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Bonds Passes Ruth