Thursday, May 11, 2006

President Bush/GOP Congress Are Disconnected Politicians

President Bush and Republicans in Congress have yet again proven that they are on the wrong track with the American people. A new CNN poll has shown dismal ratings for both the President of the United States and members of Congress. What is so sad about this whole situation is that neither the White House or Congressional leaders see what the real problems are when it comes to the public who elected them to office.

President Bush can't seem to understand why the public isn't giving him credit for good economic news in the US. The reason people are not rewarding President Bush for the good news is because almost everyone in the country feels like there is another shoe that is going to drop which will tank the entire US economy and frankly most folks just don't trust these good economic numbers. When there are daily reports about Ford and GM possibly going into bankruptcy and many good paying middle class jobs being lost to other nations because of globalization, it's no wonder that the American people don't trust President Bush when it comes to good economic news.

It was just a few months ago when President Bush visited India, where he said that globalization was good for jobs in India. That kind of talk is not very reassuring to people back in the United States who are worried that their job will be the next one lost when it comes to cheap labor in some other country. There is a huge disconnect between rich political leaders and the average American when it comes to issues of globalization.

The whole idea of globalization scares most Americans to death because they are competing against labor in other countries where the standard of living is much lower than the US. Business leaders and huge corporations are getting very rich at the expense of American workers and it has become very clear which side the Bush administration prefers when it comes to these types of issues.

Since the beginning of the United States there have always been competing interests when it comes to business. Just like when the stock market goes up when there is bad news about job growth; the average American is afraid of losing everything they have worked their whole life for to some worker in a strange land 5000 miles away. In the future the American people are going to demand more from their politicians than a positive outlook at the Dow Jones Industrials and huge corporate profits. The American people want to know that if they do their job right they won’t still be eliminated by some foreign worker who will preform their job for half the price.

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