Monday, May 08, 2006

Global Warming Increase Hurricane Storms?

I've been spending some time today reviewing some of the predictions about the upcoming hurricane season. Unfortunately, the news doesn't look good for the US Gulf Coast where Hurricane Katrina and Rita did billions of dollars of damage last year. The biggest issue facing the United States this year is the same one that has been facing the world for over a decade. That issue is "global warming" and what if anything can really be done to stop its progression.

I'm not a scientist, but I do have opinions on this subject I would like to share. I believe man has caused some of the problems, which make global warming worse. However, I believe global warming was going to happen anyway because it's just a normal part of the natural process of the Earth. There is hard evidence that the Earth has made changes like global warming before. These events took place centuries before the invention of automobiles or refrigerants used in air conditioning.

Sometimes, I think we humans take our role on this planet way too seriously and many of us believe we can control all aspects of nature, even global warming. However, this way of thinking is wrong because despite all the attempts to date to control the weather and our global environment, man has fail miserably against Mother Nature who always finds some way to win in her battle against man. In many ways, nature has a way making us all humble when it comes to our overall control of Earth's forces which have been around longer than mankind.

The next decade or so will provide some big challenges for the humans that live here on Earth. Not only will global warming cause storms, such as hurricanes, to grow in size and strength; other issues will face our planet as well. As the polar ice caps continue to melt because of higher temperatures, the oceans will rise and millions of coastal residents will be forced to move inland as their homes and property are swallowed up by rising water. My guess is that larger hurricanes and sever thunderstorms are just the first new event we humans will have to adjust to as global warming continues to get worse.

Mankind will find a way to live with these increasing storms as global warming issues make them stronger. No one ways to live with worse sever weather in their life, but I don't believe we have much of a choice. We must adapt to a more inland society, sooner or later and from the recent size of hurricanes that might be a case of sooner, rather than later in reality. The world is changing fast and the days when some folks just ignore the issue of global warming in the hopes it would go away are fast loosing any real credibility with the people who know something is going on with our environment.

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