Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kentucky Derby Time - Triple Crown Year?

It's time once again for the running of the Kentucky Derby. My wife and I enjoy watching this horse race each year. What is it about the Kentucky Derby that is so exciting to watch? I'm not sure, but even people who don't like horses or horse racing tend to tune in and watch this race every May. More than likely, tradition has a lot to do with why folks watch this annual classic. Both the men and women who own horses in the race dress up in formal cloths and look like people of older times when the world was much different than it is today.

The popularity of the horse race might also have something to do with the "Triple Crown" of horse racing which has produced many legendary names over the years. Let's face it, no horse is going to win a Triple Crown without first winning the first race in the series and that race is the "Kentucky Derby". Winning the Triple Crown isn't easy and that is proven most years when no one horse has the ability or the luck to pull off this victory. However, millions of people all over the world get excited at the thought of winning it and that builds to the excitement of this race.

Another reason for the excitement of the Kentucky Derby is because of the season it happens in. Spring time is a period when children are getting ready for their summer vacation from school and families all over the world are planning where they are going for their summer vacation. The idea of springtime is exciting to most people and putting a huge horse race in the mix just adds to that excitement. My wife is particularly a fan of the Kentucky Derby because horses are her favorite animal. She's never met a horse she didn't like!

When I was kid growing up, my father owned horses. Not for racing, but for everyday tasks which had to be done on a ranch. I remember riding horses in cattle round-ups back then and enjoying the experience very much. I've told my wife on several occasions that it's too bad we didn't met earlier in life because she would have enjoyed riding horses with me. No matter what my wife has planned on that special Saturday in May, she is always home in time to watch the Kentucky Derby on television and I hope someday to be able to take her to this race in person, at least one time. Like most other things, I'm sure the Kentucky Derby is much more exciting to watch in person than on a small television screen.

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