Monday, May 29, 2006

CBS News Crew Killed By IED Explosion

Two CBS News technicians we killed today in Iraq when an IED exploded near the military convoy in which they were traveling. A reporter traveling with them was injured and is currently reported in critical condition with sever injuries to her lower body. All of this happened on Memorial Day when millions of Americans were paying their respects to military personnel who have served this country so bravely over the years. If anyone had doubts as to the current safety situation for civilians and troops in Iraq these days, today's events proved that Iraq is still a very dangerous land.

Less than one month ago, President Bush was criticizing the US news media for not covering good news out of Iraq and now this terrible event happens today. According to CBS News their reporter was on her way to cover the story of a soldier who returned to his unit after being injured in combat. What an ironic turn of events for this CBS reporter to be injured while trying to report positive news from the war in Iraq. While I'm sure the Bush administration is frustrated with events in Iraq, they should not be asking reporters to risk their lives to try and help out the US administration report good news from the Iraqi war zone.

It’s difficult for some of us to enjoy Memorial Day in a party type of atmosphere when Americans are currently dying in Iraq. Something just doesn’t seem right about going to a local lake and swimming, eating hot dogs and drink cold beer while our friends and neighbors are fighting in harms way, everyday in Iraq. To me, it’s kind of disgusting for businesses like automobile dealership to take advantage of this honorable holiday to commercialize the selling of their vehicles. These businesses have been doing this for years and very few people seem to have any kind of problem with them making money on this noble and honorable holiday.

The American people have always been against committing our troops to long drawn-out military conflicts and once again the average American are better connected on what the right thing to do is than military and civilian leaders who commit our armed forces to far away lands. While some in Hollywood like to portray the military as always wanting to fight wars, in reality the opposite is true. Most professional military personnel don’t like war and want to avoid it at all cost. Political leaders who are trying to demonstrate American power to other countries around the world are where most of these wars begin.

I’m a former war supporter who now thinks we made a mistake invading Iraq. The Bush administration made a good case for war and in the beginning I supported their position. However, now that it has come out that intelligence information was ignored about WMD’s and the real intentions of Saddam, I now believe this war was created for “political pay-back” more than for protecting the security of the United States. While there could be major benefits to having a functioning democracy in the Middle East, that is not the reason the American people were told was behind the war in Iraq. That explanation only surfaced when the other reasons didn’t turn out to be true when the war first was proposed by the Bush administration.

We should all pray for the families of the troops and media personnel who were injured and killed in Iraq today and pray that come next Memorial Day we have most of our troops home and out of harms way in Iraq.

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