Friday, June 23, 2006

Brandon Routh Follows Christopher Reeve As Superman

Have you ever noticed how good ideas keep getting redone throughout history? Especially, when it comes to well written and acted motion pictures. In the near future, another in a long line of Superman movies will be released to a new generation which is hungry for “super hero’s” in a world that, too often times, seems to have gone mad with crime, war and terrorist attacks. A young, relatively unknown actor by the name of “Brandon Routh” will star in the new “Superman Returns” movie that will hit worldwide theaters, soon.

Mr. Routh is following in the footsteps of the late “Christopher Reeve” who made the character of Superman appear “larger than life”. While I don’t want to take anything away from Brandon Routh or his version of Superman, which is about to be released; I really want to write at this time about the late Christopher Reeve who made Superman very real to my generation. I am a little concerned about this new “Superman Returns” project because early reviews of this film are wonderful. Most of the time a movie does well when the reviews are not so glowing, but maybe this time this new movie will “buck that trend”.

Christopher Reeve and his recently deceased wife, Dana, have given this tired old world which is filled with huge problems something inspiring to think about with their contributions, not only to the acting and singing world, but in the way they approach life. Their strength of purpose and ability to turn “lemons into lemonade” has encouraged millions of people around the world to see a brighter day when terrible events strike their lives as well. I was heartbroken when I heard the news of Christopher Reeve’s death a few years ago. This man provided all the elements of a hero on the silver screen, but his real strength wasn’t some character on a movie screen, but a real life human being with his own failures and successes.

When Reeve passed away, his wife Dana continued the family tradition of not letting life’s problems stand in the way for moving forward and fighting on. When Dana Reeve died of cancer a few months ago, I knew down deep in my soul that there was nothing fair about this life and that if my family had good health, then we really had all we needed to face this complicated world filled with problems. How, with a clear conscience, could anyone consider their life a failure after looking at all the trauma and problems experienced by the Reeve family at such an early age and in such a short period of time? My thoughts still drift, from time to time, to their young son who lost both of his parent before he reached adulthood.

I want to wish Brandon Routh much success in this new Superman movie. If these new adventures of Superman are anything like the previous versions, it won’t be long before Brandon becomes a “household name”, just like the last Superman, Christopher Reeve, did before him.

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