Saturday, June 03, 2006

Reducing Portion Size To Help Weight Loss

Some doctors and other medical professionals have started encouraging restaurants to reduce the size of their portions in the meals they serve to customers. The conventional wisdom is that if these restaurants reduce the amount of food on a customer’s plate, they will eat less and hopefully live a longer and healthier life. This is kind of silly to me because it suggest that people don’t have the intelligence to make lifestyle changes on their own, so these decision must be made for them in restaurants around the world.

Major restaurant chains have increased the size of the portions of food because that is what their research shows their customers desire. Trying to find some kind of back door to get people to eat healthier is just stupid and it’s not going to work. There is one thing my wife and I have started doing when we eat out and that is to share one of these big meals between the two of us. Most restaurants will bring us an extra plate and when divided between two people we are able to cut down on the calories and more importantly the price of the meal.

Whether it’s folks on the far right politically that think they can force a certain kind of behavior on people or the far left who think they know better than the average person, it is ridiculous how these extremist wish to control the lives of other people. Oh how I wish we all lived in a world where people would mind their own business and just focus on how they can make their own lives better. This latest group of people who want to try and force restaurants into forcing their customers to do things against their will are just the latest group of folks who want to impose their rules on everyone else.

I guess the world has always been made up of these extremist who think it is their mission in life to save other people from themselves. I have noticed that it is much easier for an extremist to go to the complete opposite position than it is for them to become moderate in their views. For example, I know a few people who were very out of control in their personal life when they were young. Once they got old, some found God and went in a completely opposite direction and now think it is their responsibility to save everyone else in the same way they were saved.

I have also found that many religious fundamentalist often stray to the other side of moral behavior and quickly return to their roots in the church family or some stay there the rest of their lives. The fact is, both of these extremes often “flip flop” from one side to the other without even giving a life of moderation a try. I think both of these extremes have one thing in common and that is to them nothing is worse than being ordinary or living a boring life.

It’s too much to hope for that the “food police” will be going away anytime soon, so I choose just to ignore them and live my life the way I see fit. Sure, they are not going to like that position, but it is my choice and the choice of everyone else whether to follow their lead or stake out a position all our own.

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