Thursday, August 31, 2006

Glenn Ford Tribute - Dead At Age 90

After a long life of 90 years, movie star Glenn Ford died yesterday. What a great talent this man had when it came to acting in movies. I first remember him in a movie that was made before I was born, but one that I saw a few times on television as I got older. That movie was called “Ransom” which was the original script that was released again years later with Mel Gibson as its star. What I remember most about Glenn Ford is his soft spoken style and the way he remained calm in a situation when everyone else seem emotionally out of control.

Over the years Ford appeared in other movies which I remember. One of, which was the first “Superman” movie in the late 1970’s, which had an unknown actor at the time, named Christopher Reeve. Ford played Superman’s Earth father and once again he was a soft spoken man who guided a young Superman into his real reason for being on Earth and he gave him the knowledge and advice about life most people would love to have received from their own father. Even in some of the old western’s that Glenn Ford started in he always had this same kind of quite demeanor when acting in a movie.

So many of the great actors of the past 100 years are starting to pass from the Earth and over time new generations will rediscover their work and appreciate what good acting was all about before million dollar special effects made movies more about explosions and high technology and less about an actors true abilities at their craft. When I heard of Glenn Ford’s death yesterday I was happy that he lived a good long life and that he was able to do something which most of us only dream about and that is using our lives to make other’s happy. There is no doubt that many generations of movie goers have watched and enjoyed movies where Glenn Ford was either the lead actor or an interregnal part of making that movie successful.

In conclusion I would like to mention another great production which had Glenn Ford as its start and that one was “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” where he played a single dad raising a small boy played by Ron Howard. I was very young when that movie was released but I still remember hearing mom and dad talking about it in a positive way. With the invention of the DVD, most likely someone in the movie industry will decide to release many of these old Glenn Ford movies so future generations will be able to watch them again from time to time. Look for late night infomercials coming soon advertising these Glenn Ford classics for sale and for once I might just be a customer because Ford’s work does stand the test of time.

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