Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Trade Center Movie - Oliver Stone's Vision

In about 48 hours people will start lining up from coast to coast to see the latest movie about the events of September 11th, 2001 in a new movie by Oliver Stone called, “World Trade Center”. When I first heard that Stone was making a movie about 911, my heart fell to the floor because I still remember that terrible mischaracterization of the JFK shooting in Dallas in his movie called, “JFK”. That movie pretty much killed anything positive I still felt for Oliver Stone, but if the reviews of this new movie turn out to be correct, this director, Stone might just redeem himself once again.

Stone isn’t the first Hollywood director who has “gone off the deep end” in one of his movies and one thing about the American public we can all count on, consistently, is that they are eager to forgive past failures and step up to the box office ticket counter and redeem such failures in short order. I have been seeing the trailer for this new “World Trade Center Movie” for a couple of weeks now and I must admit it looks very good and I will probably see it in the next few weeks. I was so happy when I saw a news report that said the world premier of Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center was held in a theater not far from ground zero and that the usual Hollywood hype and glamour were no where to be found.

From what I can tell from the reviews and the movie trailer, World Trade Center is written about the last two surviving people to be pulled from the rubble in New York after the terrorist attacks which brought down the two tallest buildings in the United States. It is hard for me to tell if these two men were police officers or firefighters, but I think they were police officers. Nicholas Cage plays one of these trapped heroes and the story line of how hundreds of rescue workers did their very best to rescue them from all that rubble is a story, which needs to be told to the American people. A lot has happened in the US and many people have differing opinions on whether the War in Iraq was the right thing to do. However, almost no one doubted the dedication of the brave rescue workers who risked their own lives to save others they didn’t even know after this terrible terrorist attack.

Since September 11th, 2001 I have seen a couple of documentaries on television about this terrible day and one movie called, “United 93”, which was pretty hard for me to watch a few months ago. However, this new movie by Oliver Stone might be more uplifting than depressing and I’m not sure this movie isn’t just what the doctor ordered for the American people at this place and time. None of us should ever forget those who died that day and we should never forget that they didn’t do anything to hurt the terrorist who attacked them without provocation on 911. The US looked much different on September 10th, 2001 than it has looked sense that day and if we don’t make the effort to remember what has happened to our great country in the past, we are destined to repeat these events again in the future.

I hope that the movie trailer to “World Trade Center” is a good example of how well Oliver Stone directed this movie and I am hoping for the best when this new movie goes into wide release on Wednesday.

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