Wednesday, August 09, 2006

War And Politics - Joe Lieberman As Independent

Less than 24 hours after Joe Lieberman lost his bid to be the Democratic nominee for the US Senate from Connecticut, the major news media seem to be getting the real message wrong again. Joe Lieberman lost his bid for reelection as the Democratic Senator from Connecticut not because of bloggers and/or outside liberal forces, but because Senator Lieberman has lost touch with voters who finally lost faith in him. Most news headlines tonight suggest that this Lieberman loss could be good news for Republicans come November because they will now be able to use their time tested campaign slogan of “cut and run” on every Democrat in sight.

The truth is that most Republicans are only talking tough right now because they know how to read polls and they know that most Americans do not believe in their leadership abilities anymore. The only hope Republicans have at maintaining control in the Congress after the November elections is to once again convince the American people that Democrats are weak on national defense which will leave voters with only one choice if they are concerned about national security issues. The past two election cycles the Republican have used this strategy to maintain control in DC, but I don’t think it is going to work again in 2006.

Most Americans I talk to are not so stupid that they are blindly going to follow political television commercials anymore which are based on outright lies or exaggerated views. I believe most folks in the US know that it was a mistake on go to War in Iraq now and to call politicians weak on national defense for standing up against an ill conceived war isn’t going to fly when 60% of America thinks the war was a mistake in the first place. I have to hand it to Karl Rove and others in the Republican Party hierarchy for sticking to tried and true campaign methods, but there is something, which has changed dramatically in the US since the 2004 election.

There is an ever growing sense among many Americans that they were lied to by members of the Bush administration about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction programs and there is little doubt that most Americans believe that the Bush administration didn’t have a policy of what would happen after the war, if insurgents took to the streets and tried to ruin all of our soldiers hard work. For lack of a better word, the Bush administration was “obsessed” with taking out Saddam at all cost and gave little thought of what might happen to the Iraqi people and our US soldiers once he was removed from office. Someone told me once that it is much easier to destroy something than it is to build it in the first place and that one thought is what was missing from the Bush administrations plan to go to war with Iraq.

In his heart, I still believe President Bush thinks he can create a working democracy in Iraq, which will stand the test of time. I hope he is right, but support for that idea is dwindling fast among the US population and unfortunately we will most likely have to live through an Iraqi civil war before we find out if President Bush’s judgment, about going to war with Iraq, turns out to be correct in the long run.

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War And Politics

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