Saturday, September 23, 2006

Civil War Continues - War Against Terrorism

Dozen more people were killed in Iraq today as the never-ending blood shed there continues without any reduction in site. Almost every neutral observer of this war has declared for months that the nation of Iraq has been engaged in a civil war, but the Bush administration is refusing to admit the obvious to themselves and the American people. President Bush has done a wonderful job in recent weeks doing what he can to change the subject in Washington from the War in Iraq to the War against Terrorism and his approval numbers have made a move to the upside. However, this War in Iraq has more to do with a good exit strategy than a date when victory will be seen and accomplished.

President Bush’s desire to take down Saddam was some type of personal obsession in my view because he and other members of his administration didn’t have a workable plan of how to manage rebuilding such an important country once it was taken apart by the US military. History has taught leaders who care to research it that people and nations are much easier to tear apart than they are to put back together again and Iraq, after Saddam, is adding to that very important history lesson. I know why hard core Republicans and the Bush administration don’t want to admit there is a civil war happening in Iraq and that reason is if they admit failure at this point in time it will hurt their chances of victory in the November congressional elections.

I believe most Americans know that what is happening in Iraq today is a civil war and they also know that it is impossible for any military, even one as large and strong as the United States should not and can not win a civil war. This is the reason why a large majority of the American people have decided to end their support of the Bush administration’s plan to keep troops involved in the daily fighting in Iraq and why so many people want President Bush to find some way to get our troops out of that war torn country. Compared to most nations, the US is very young and when a nation as young as we are has a military that is second to none in the world, mistakes in military judgment are going to be made and with those mistakes many lives of young men and women will be put in jeopardy.

Now the world is faced with other growing threats, due in part to our military policies in Iraq. Iran and Venezuela mock the US almost on a daily basis because of the mistakes our government has made in Iraq. Last night I saw a news report that said our US soldiers are wearing so thin because of this civil war fighting in Iraq that the Pentagon might have to start calling up reserve troops one against to help support the regular army troops, already there, who are on their third or fourth deployment. While I have voted Republican most of my life, it is so important this November to elected leaders who will offer some type of balance to the debate of what should happen next in Iraq. Unfortunately, my political party has made the decision that the only winning formula is to stay the course and let more US troops die in a dead end civil war in Iraq.

Surely, there are better options available other than to stay the course, or cut and run in Iraq. Everyday I believe more and more that neither of these two options are a winning strategy and I hope for other more bold ideas on this subject to come forward in the upcoming months. In the beginning I supported President Bush in his decision to go to war in Iraq because I trusted what he was telling me about his reasons for committing our troops to this far away land. However, as time has gone by many of his reason have proven to be wrong and rather than admit to his mistakes in judgment, the President has decided to stay the course even when doing so puts our troops in harms way in civil war which was caused by our decision to go to war in Iraq in the first place. How this whole mess will finally play out is anyone’s guess, but at this point in time the two major strategy’s of staying the course or packing up and leaving immediately are both bad and hopefully better ideas will enter this war debate after this November’s elections.

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