Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin Remembered In Memorial Service

I took the death this weekend of Steve Irwin very hard. He was such a young man and so full of life and energy, it is difficult to believe he is dead. My wife and I have watched Steve on his Animal Planet show, “Crocodile Hunter” for years and during that time we learned more about the various species of animals which make up this planet than from any other show. I don’t think anyone else on TV has the credentials to take Steve Irwin’s place as a positive voice for the treatment and protection of animals. This poor guy’s young family lost so much when an accident took his life at age 44.

The various news channels here in the United States have been paying tribute to Steve for the past few days and thank goodness they got off of that bad experience he had several years ago when he took his young song inside a crocodile’s pin which he was feeding the animal. After the first day, I haven’t seen the media using that footage anymore and that makes me happy. I wonder how many people who work at a dead end job received happiness and excitement from watching Steve Irwin on television? My guess is it would be in the millions and it has been well put by most experts the past couple of days that while Steve’s life was short in duration, it was completely filled with doing what he enjoyed during his 44 years on the Earth.

I also heard that the government of Australia has offered a “state funeral” to Steve’s family. I have not heard yet whether they have accepted, but I would be surprised if they did not share their husband and father’s funeral with everyone, just like Steve lived his life. I saw a man on the street interview yesterday with a guy from Australia and that guy summed up Steve Irwin’s life better than anything I can think of. This guy said that when he traveled to the US, no one here even knew the name of their prime minister, but everyone knew who Steve Irwin was because of his popular television show. There are many kinds of ambassadors in this world, but Irwin was the best kind of ambassador for Australia because he gave that nation personality and a positive image no amount of PR could have accomplished.

My wife and I are going to miss seeing Steve on television in the upcoming years and it will be a long time before I am able to watch his “Crocodile Hunter” show again in reruns without feeling a hollow place in my heart for this young man. My guess is that if Steve had this big of an impact in the US, there could be billions of people worldwide who are also grieving after his unfortunate death this past weekend. Steve’s family needs out prayers right now and I pray that someday his children will grow up to realize how big of a man their father really was in this world.

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Steve Irwin Remembered

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