Sunday, September 24, 2006

US Players Face Ryder Defeat In 2006

The United States may have the best golfers in the world, but when it comes to playing as a team, the European’s have got us beat, hands down. There are some sports, which are designed to be team sports and others for individual efforts. I believe it is a mistake to mix these two types of sporting events and try to make a team sport out of a game that was never designed to be played that way on the professional level. Like so many other aspects of professional sports new ways to play the game are developed more for television than for the love of the game. I read the other day that Michael Jordan is a big Ryder Cup fan and that he always finds a way to attend these matches and cheer on his good friend, Tiger Woods.

Michael Jordan is best know for his superior play in the NBA, which is most definitely a team sport. No one would even think about breaking up teams in the NBA and trying to turn those players into individual athletes. Then why do folks desire to turn individual golfers into team players for this once a year event? Like so many things in life, a good thing should be left alone and not tinkered with to try and find another revenue stream for a game, which is already loaded with money and high price tag endorsement deals. I certainly would like to see the Americans win, from time to time, at the Ryder Cup, but my main love of the game of golf comes on Saturday’s and Sunday’s during the regular golf season.

It is very understandable to me why Michael Jordan loves the Ryder Cup so much and that is because the individual game of golf becomes a team sport for a short time each year and Michael Jordan is a player with a bunch of experience playing in a sport which requires team effort. Most of the cable news programs have been speculating, as usual, today as the whether the controversy over fake nude pictures of Tiger Woods wife cause the American team to play badly this year. I think that kind of talk is silly because Tiger Woods and all other members of both of these teams are professional and as a professional they know how to concentrate on their game no matter what distractions might come their way.

While there are those who consider Ryder Cup play the peak of yearly golf excitement, I certainly don’t feel the same way. I would much rather watch great golfers from all countries compete in the Masters or US Open any day of the week rather than watching match play with a bunch of guys who are more at home perfecting their own game rather than trying to play the game of golf as a team. I wish the powers that be would leave teams sports and individual sports alone and let the fans enjoy the game(s) they way they were meant to be played instead of always trying to reinvent the wheel.

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US Ryder Defeat

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