Friday, October 13, 2006

Different War Plan - New Cold War In North Korea?

Some political experts are describing the new Bush foreign policy toward North Korea as being similar to the “cold war” between the United States and the former Soviet Union. It is hard for me to understand why President Bush’s approach to North Korea is so much different than his approach to Iraq, but it is different and in the years to come history will judge the president based on these very important decisions. As an initial, half hearted, supporter of the US war in Iraq I have become disillusioned and disgusted with many of the mistakes which have been made since that war started. The biggest mistake was with how and what intelligence information was released to the public about the rationale of going to war in Iraq was based upon.

Now the Bush administration is taking a completely different approach to North Korea and from my point of view North Korea has always been a bigger threat to the people of the United States than Saddam Hussein ever was. Here is another example of how people who have always hated the Bush administration will point to the fact that the biggest different between Iraq and North Korea is that Iraq has a bunch of oil and North Korea does not. I must admit that I never bought into the left wing rhetoric of “blood for oil” charges against the Bush administration, but their words do seem to have at least a ring of truth to them in the different way the administration approaches North Korea compared to Iraq.

To be fair to the Bush administration, the whole US economy is based on a good supply of cheap petroleum and whether the President of the United States is a former oil man or not the fact remains and no politician knowingly desires to hurt the economy of the nation he is in charge of leading. This whole North Korea situation has me more concerned because its leader is more like a religious fanatic rather than a logical tyrant like Saddam Hussein. We have all seen what kind of carnage these types of fanatical religious leaders have committed on a limited basis within small religious communes inside the US and it does not take that much imagination to see real disaster when someone with this type of personality has control over nuclear weapons.

Both Iraq and North Korea will be written about in the history books in years to come and President Bush will be the central figure in those historical additions because of the choices he is making right now will effect Americans for years to come. I certainly hope that President Bush is making the right decisions for the right reasons or our nation will suffer the consequences long after he leaves office in 2008. Right now my gut feeling tells me that President Bush has done the wrong thing for the wrong reasons, but I don’t have the information he has at his finger tips and I will reserve final judgment until some future date when all this information becomes public knowledge and we will all see why and how he made the decision he made in the handling of these two very different countries.

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Different War Plan

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