Monday, November 13, 2006

Ed Bradley Got Heart - 60 Minutes Tribute

Last night, “60 Minutes” on CBS television gave a one-hour tribute to their long time anchor, Ed Bradley, who passed away on Thursday. My wife and I watched the entire broadcast and on many occasions wiped back tears as Bradley’s colleagues paid their respects to his memory. I had no idea, until last night, how many other activities and causes Ed Bradley championed. Like most Americans I pretty much took the work that Ed did on “60 Minutes” for granted because he was such a professional reporter. The truly great people, in any field, are usually taken for granted because they are so good at their job; most people don’t even notice them.

I learned last night, for the first time, about Ed Bradley’s love for music and his close friendship with entertainers like Jimmy Buffett. Some of the scenes from last night’s tribute to Bradley made me laugh because he laughed so much of the time. I came away from the “60 Minutes” tribute to Ed Bradley with a new respect for the man and how his smile and big bold laughter made other people around him feel special. I try hard to keep a positive mental attitude about life, no matter how bad some days might be. I believe Bradley had that same attitude and it is clear that he enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest.

I watched Dan Rather on IMUS this morning and he also was celebrating the life of his former colleague and friend. I remember when Rather anchored the CBS Evening News and many times during his tenure at the network, Ed Bradley would join him on the set to give reflection about the stories that were being covered. Rather and Bradley made a good team and played off of each other quite well, especially during election night coverage as projected winners and exit polling information was streaming into their New York studio. I was happy to see Dan Rather keep his emotions at bay this morning on IMUS because, in the past, I have seen Rather breakdown emotionally when talking about tragic events.

I also learned last night that Ed Bradley loved the City of New Orleans because of its music and lifestyle, which have made that city loved by millions of people around the world. I found out that Ed, often times put his money where his mouth was when it came to helping out folks who were suffering in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina wiped out the city. In true, noble, style Bradley wrote checks to friends who lost everything in that hurricane and never once told others about his charitable efforts. Real giving involves doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do, not just because it will make a person look good on television or in the press. The folks at “60 Minutes” did a wonderful job honoring their former colleague last night and by sharing their own experiences with Ed Bradley, they help millions of other people know and understand why this man was so widely loved.

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Bradley Got Heart

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