Sunday, November 19, 2006

Clueless John Kerry - Iraq Soldier Joke Not Funny

Former democratic presidential nominee, John Kerry, said on television Sunday that his “so called joke”, that went wrong, would not keep him from seeking the nomination of his party once again to run for President of the United States. Apparently, Kerry is living in some other kind of world from the rest of us when he makes statement like that only a couple of weeks after he almost cost his own political party their victory in the US Congress. In future elections, the old style liberal democratic candidates are going to be “shut out” when running for the presidency because finally the Democratic Party has learn what it takes to win a national election in the United States. John Kerry is such “old news” when it comes to a run for the White House and while most other people already know this fact, it will take some time before he discovers that times have not only changed in America, but also in the new Democratic Party.

The tired old ways of liberalism are dead and soon the same fate will happen to conservatism. John Kerry lives in a world of intellectuals who believe that they are so mentally superior to other regular folks, that within their own mind’s they can solve all of the worlds problems with new ideas from their smarter brains. This John Kerry attitude is found most often on the campuses of major Universities which are filled with tenured professors who believe their superior knowledge will lead to a better world. No regular thinking person has any respect of an intellectual know it all, so these type of pompous folks tend to stick together and listen to each other try and prove their superior intellect to one another.

I will say this about John Kerry, he definitely married up, as George W. Bush was fond of saying during his 2000 presidential campaign about his wife, Laura. While both John Kerry and his wife are elitist, they do try and come across to the average Democrat as some type of “blue collar” politician. Most Democrats are not buying it anymore and that stupid joke Kerry told a few days before the last election proves that he is totally out of touch with working Americans. The real answer to problems in the United States are found through working together, so everyone benefits from being an American citizen. Liberals hate conservatives and conservatives hate liberals, but the vast majority of Americans just want to have a peaceful country where everyone minds their own business and tries to get along with each other.

The last presidential election between John Kerry and George W. Bush was the most ideologically driven US presidential election in my lifetime. Talk about two people from completely opposite sides of the political spectrum. At some point in time, the American people are going to learn that both liberals and conservatives are playing them like fools in a political game, which only provides losers. While President Bush claims to be a man of the people, most folks have learned that this is not really the case after watching him lead our nation for almost seven years. On the other hand, John Kerry is no where close to being a man of the people because I think he truly believes that he is smarter than most other people and he also considers it his mission in life the lead the lost souls of America to a better, more liberal, way of life.

Since 2008 is a presidential election year, it would be wonderful news if both the Democrats and Republicans nominate moderate candidates to run as their party’s representative for President of the United States. If that happens then the US will have a chance to pull itself back from the brink of the disaster each political party’s hard-core extremist have taken this country to the past few years. It is pretty easy to spot an extremist because their vision of the world is so narrow, only a true ideologue could live successfully within it. We have all now seen how bad the ideology of conservatism can become and decades ago we saw how bad the ideology of liberalism could be, as well. The only real path to peace, happiness and continue prosperity in the United States is through a path of removing the hatred from politics and electing moderate leaders.

Ideology, either from the right or left is wrong and eventually the American people will come to their senses and reject the extremist views from both sides of the political spectrum. When I was young, people mocked extremist personalities because they did not fit into the mainstream. Over time liberalism got out of control in the US and during the Bush administration, conservatism did the same thing. Political leaders like John Kerry and President Bush will not be reflected on fondly when their histories are written years from now by more moderate thinking historians. More than likely those writers will see, as plain as day, how both brands of extremism nearly tore this country to pieces.

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