Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dallas Cowboys - Indianapolis Colts Football Game

My neighbor and I are big Dallas Cowboy football fans and needless to say we have been disappointed in their performance this year. While we were both happy that the Cowboys defeated Arizona on Sunday, there could be a Cowboy massacre coming this Sunday afternoon as the unbeaten Indianapolis Colts head to Texas Stadium to meet “the boy” at 3pm local time. I told my neighbor Monday night as we were talking out in the front yard that it wouldn’t surprise me if the Colts beat the Cowboys by 50 points on Sunday. He disagreed with me strongly, but he also admitted that there is no way the Cowboys can win Sunday’s game unless they play their best game of the season and the Colts play their worst. I grew up in a home, which made it a regular event to watch Dallas Cowboy Football on television after we got home from Sunday school and church. Even our Baptist minister had a big clock placed at the back of the sanctuary during football season so he wouldn't risk getting long winded and running his summon over into a 12 noon Dallas Cowboy game.

Down here in Texas we take our football very seriously whether the game is high school, college or professional. Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys/Indianapolis Colts game most likely will be a “blow out” because while the Colts defense is not the best in the league, their offense, led by Payton Manning is second to none in the NFL. I heard the commentators on NBC Sunday Night Football say a few weeks ago, when the Colts were playing New England, that the least worked player in the NFL was the Indianapolis Colts putter, because he only goes into their games around two or three times each week. In a nutshell, the Colts have a massive offensive machine that no NFL team has been able to successfully mount a defense against. So if the Dallas Cowboys want to beat the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday they will have to out score them, which I think is almost impossible. The 2006 Cowboys have made mistake after mistake and lost valuable good field advantage in every game because of stupid penalties.

Add to all the other problems, the addition of Terrell Owens (T.O) to the team this season and the Cowboy created a recipe for defeat all the way down the line. The one positive event in this Cowboy season was the decision by Bill Parcells to remove Drew Bledsoe as starting quarterback and replace him with Tony Romo. Romo is the type of quarterback they will always do well, in the long run, with a team like the Dallas Cowboys. He is a very “blue collar” kind of guy and he will build respect with his teammates and coaches in short order. As I told my neighbor, loyalty to ones favorite NFL football team can only go so far and while I want to be loyal to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday when they play the Indianapolis Colts, a realistic attitude must win out over confidence that this years Cowboy team is even in the same class as the unbeaten Indianapolis Colts. While I love the Cowboys, I also enjoy watching the Colts on the rare occasion their games are shown on television here in Texas. While I don’t believe the Cowboys have a chance at victory on Sunday, I sure hope and pray that the game isn’t a “blow out” and decided before half time.

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