Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dallas Cowboys Great Victory Over Indianapolis Colts

Well I am ready to eat some crow over my comments that the Colts would wipe up the field against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. I watched the entire game and one thing is for sure and that is Dallas came to play football against Indianapolis and with the help of the best defensive performance of the season, the Cowboys were able to end the unbeaten season of the Indianapolis Colts. Until today, I didn’t think any NFL team would be able to stop the fast paced offense of Tony Dungy and Payton Manning, but the Dallas Cowboys proved me wrong. The Dallas coaching staff should get the credit for today’s victory because they studied the Colts team and found a way to stop their powerful offensive strategy.

In addition to the outstanding coaching by Bill Parcells and his assistant coaches, a bunch of credit for today’s Cowboys victory over the Colts must go to Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo. A few weeks ago when Bill Parcells made the decision to replace Drew Bledsoe with Tony Romo, that move was instrumental in getting the team into a position to win an important game against an unbeaten NFL team. The “blue collar” leadership of Tony Romo was just what the Cowboys needed to get their fledging season back on track and with today’s major win against the Colts, the Cowboys are back in the drivers seat to possibly win the NFC East and hopefully march towards a Superbowl victory this season.

Wouldn’t it be something if Dallas met the Colts again in this years Superbowl game? It is certainly possible and if this long shot game does become a reality, sports writers and commentators will think back to Sunday’s game and have a big story line to write about in the two weeks leading up to the big Superbowl game. I believe the Cowboys will have a very difficult time winning the game against Tampa Bay on Thanksgiving Day because they will only have three days down time after the victory against the Colts took a lot of wind out of their sails. However, it is possible that a short week might turn the Thanksgiving Day advantage back to the Cowboys, if the players are still high from Sunday’s win against the Colts. We will all find out on Thursday.

When an unbeaten team like the Indianapolis Colts suffers a big loss, the remainder of their season could be decided on how the team plays its next game. If the Colts come out fighting next week and have a big victory in their next game, then a hard loss could be turned to an advantage for the rest of their season and the playoffs which are starting in about one month. However, if the Colts get depressed about their perfect season coming to an end, then their entire season could be wiped out after this big loss to Dallas. All the teams in the NFL have good talent and on any given Sunday, any team in the NFL can defeat another one. The real difference between good teams and great teams in the NFL is attitude and the desire to win football games.

All the great NFL teams throughout the leagues history have had a simple formula, which lead to their success. First, the team owners and coaches must selected the right group of players, second the coaching staff much create a team spirit where great athletes will play as a team and not just as individuals. Third and probably most important is that winning teams have a “take no prisoners” attitude toward winning football games and even if they lose, the players and coaches will learn from their mistakes and hit the field with a positive attitude the very next week. Last year, after the Colts lost their first game of the season, everything sort of fell apart for the team. Add to that loss, on the field, the untimely death of Coach Dungy’s son from suicide and it is understandable how all the wind was taken out of last years Colts team.

It is fun to eat crow when I am wrong about the Cowboys losing a football game. As I have said before, the Dallas Cowboys are my favorite NFL football team and the Indianapolis Colts are my second favorite team. In a way, today’s football game was a no lose situation for me, but the best possible outcome was with a Cowboy victory and that is exactly what happened. The Cowboys are alive again in the NFC Eastern Division and back on track to have a post season experience this season. Now if they just don’t blow the good feelings they earned today in their victory against the Colts, then a Superbowl Champion Dallas Cowboys bid might not be that unimaginable, anymore.

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Cowboys Great Victory

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