Friday, November 17, 2006

Dallas Cowboys Might Win Game Against Colts

After I wrote a post the other day about my belief that the Dallas Cowboys will lose big in their game against the Colts on Sunday, a few people have emailed me and said they don't see that game the same as I do. This is what I like about personal blogging, everyone has an opinion. Some of the messages I received, rightfully pointed out that the Colts have had several very close games this year in which they only won by one touchdown or less. That is true and I must admit the Colts had their hands full a couple of Sunday's ago when they played the Patriots on Sunday night. However, the Patriots have a great football team, which I don't think can be said for the Cowboys, this year.

I want the Cowboys to beat the Colts as much as any other Dallas fan does, but I am trying to live in reality and not some world where anything can happen at anytime. Probably the best player in the NFL is Terrell Owens (T.O) and the worst player in the NFL is also Terrell Owens (T.O.). Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells knew what they were getting into when they signed Owens to play for the Cowboys and they are finding out really fast that the other teams who had him as their star player were not crazy when they preferred that he just head down the road to Dallas.

It is so hard to dislike T.O. because he has that million dollar smile and his entire attitude is positive, even when things are falling apart around him. Both Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells said they decided to sign Terrell Owens for one main reason and that reason is that T.O. always shows up on Sunday ready to play football. I guess Parcells has a right to his opinion and Jerry Jones can do what ever he wants because he owns the team. However, football is a team sport and I have only seen T.O. play football as a team player on a very few occasions.

Will the Dallas Cowboys beat the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday? Well, I still say no, but I could be wrong and the daytime temp here in Texas might hit 110 tomorrow as well. I consider the odds of the Cowboys winning on Sunday against the Colts about the same as tomorrow's temp hitting 110 here in Waco. Anything is possible, but most thing are not probably, like a Cowboys winning against the unbeaten Colts.

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