Monday, November 06, 2006

Dallas Cowboys Season Over After Heartbreaking Loss?

With the heartbreaking loss in the last six seconds of the game, Sunday, are the hopes for a playoff season over for the Dallas Cowboys? My thinking is yes and I feel terrible about how this season has turned out for my favorite NFL Football team. Saturday night I had a hard time getting to sleep, so I decided just to say up until daybreak and write about a few subjects I had been thinking about here in my blog.

I finally went to sleep about 10am and woke up around 4pm. After getting a hot cup of coffee, I started searching the Internet for the final score of the Dallas/Washington football game and once it came up on my computer screen I was glad I decided to sleep, instead of getting my hopes up only to be disappointed once again.

Last Sunday night, the Cowboys looked fantastic and all week long I told anyone who would listen that for the first time this season I saw all the players play as a team. Then came today and the terrible defeat by the Redskins in the last six seconds of the football game. The reason I believe the season is pretty much over for the Dallas Cowboys is because of two of the teams they must face in the next three weeks.

In two weeks, the Cowboys welcome the Indianapolis Colts to Texas Stadium and as we all know the Colts are undefeated this year. Then the next week Dallas must play Tampa Bay and they too have a great football team. I look for Bill Parcells to retire at the end of this season, which will create even more problems for the Dallas Cowboys. Even if Jerry Jones hires the best coach in the NFL to take his place, it will still take several years before the new coach will positively effect the future of the Dallas Cowboys.

I watched Indianapolis defeat New England last night on Sunday Night Football and I have a profound respect for Tony Dungy, the head coach for the Colts. I’m sure it is impossible, but the one coach I know that could take the Dallas Cowboys to regular annual victories in the NFL would be Coach Dungy. Every time I watch Dungy on the sidelines he reminds me of Tom Landry, without the funny hat. It is not that the two men look the same, it is just their personality are very similar and back when Tom Landry coached the Cowboys they had many winning season’s which turned them into America’s Team.

I called my sister last night and she is also a big Dallas Cowboys fan. She sounded as low as a snake after watching Dallas lose yesterday's game. I told her that I am so tired of waiting patiently through the bad years just to see the Cowboys have winning teams again. She said that with the most likely departure of Bill Parcells at the end of this season, there might be several more years of pain before Cowboy fans see any pleasure of winning, again.

For the rest of the season I am going to cheer for Tony Dungy’s team, the Indianapolis Colts because they are my second favorite team in the NFL lead by my favorite coach.

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