Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2008 Presidential Race Heating Up Quickly

The major news media pundits have already begun to handicap the potential candidates for the 2008 election for President of the United States, so I decided to offer my ideas on the leading contenders as well. Personally, I believe it is too early for any pundit, including myself, to be accurate in their observations because so much can and will happen between now and election day in 2008. That said, the biggest name being floated right now in the Democratic Party is a young man from Illinois’ by the name of Barack Obama. Senator Obama is a, well-spoken, young man who is a freshman Senator from the State of Illinois.

It is difficult not to like Barack Obama because he looks good on television and he says all the right things when he speaks at political events. However, I have learned from experience that often time’s things that look good on the outside are sometimes filled with problems inside. Two cases that prove this are the candidacies of Bill Clinton and Gary Hart. Both of these two men also spoke well to audiences of voters, but in the end each man had his own problems with fidelity issues and one man, Gary Hart, was forced to drop out of his bid for President of the United States back in the 1980’s. For some reason I believe that Obama has some “skeletons in his closet” just like Clinton and Hart did and once they are revealed he may be finished as the Democrats “golden boy” for President in 2008.

The next most logical candidate for President in 2008 would have to be Hillary Clinton because almost everyone in the United States believes she will run for President in 2008. While Hillary Clinton is the best known of the potential Democratic names for President, she has the most negative political baggage as well. Senator Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton, was President of the United States and served a bumpy two terms in office. The biggest problem for Hillary Clinton will not be getting the Democratic nomination for President, but her problem will be in convincing over 50% of the American voters to walk into a voting booth and pull the lever for her. In some polls, over 50% of the American people have stated that they would NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

Another likely candidate for President of the United States from the Democratic Party is Senator John Kerry from Massachusetts. Senator Kerry ran unsuccessfully for President in 2004, but he ran a close race against George W. Bush who was running for reelection. In 2004, John Kerry’s military service became a big issue because several men he served with in Vietnam came forward to condemn his anti-war statements and activities once he returned to the United States. However, those issues will be less important if he decides to run once again, but Senator Kerry hurt himself badly in the final days of the 2006 Congressional mid-term elections when he tried to make a joke to hurt President Bush that backfired. In the end, it appeared that Senator Kerry was saying that US troops are dumb and uneducated and that joke will come back to haunt him if he decides to seek the Democratic nomination for President for a second time in 2008.

On the Republican side, there are two major candidates that almost everyone believes will enter the race. The first name is the Senator from Arizona, John McCain. McCain ran for the Republican nomination for President in 2000 during President George W. Bush’s successful campaign for President. During that 2000 election campaign, Senator McCain ran a “man of the people” race as a no non-sense kind of candidate. The sad fact is that the unsuccessful 2000 campaign that John McCain waged against George W. Bush would be a winning strategy in 2008. However, over the past year John McCain has decided to take a different approach to win the White House in 2008 and that path is very similar to the one that defeated him in 2000. Over the past six years, the American people have started to mistrust extremist from the GOP and as most voters have moved away from President Bush’s view of the world, John McCain has moved steadily moved in the opposite direction.

My personal favorite candidate for President of the United States in 2008 is Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City. Giuliani is the first true moderate Republican to have a real chance at not only getting the GOP nomination for President, but also have a chance at victory in the November general election. Rudy Giuliani was forced into the living rooms of millions of Americans in the days and weeks after September 11th, 2001 when terrorist attacked the US homeland. Rudy became known as “Americans Mayor” during those stressful days because of his calm and steady demeanor during the rescue efforts for thousands of lost souls in the rubble that contained the former “Twin Towers” of the World Trade Center. Even before September 11th, 2001 Giuliani had taken steps to clean up New York City by removing many of the morally bankrupt businesses that had lined the streets of NYC for decades.

The 2008 race for President of the United States should be an interesting election and the nominating process for both major US political party’s will be interesting as well. Right now, my money is on Rudy Giuliani to be the ultimate winner in 2008. However I am old enough to know that anything can and will happen in a presidential election that could turn conventional wisdom on its head and propel some political unknown into the White House in 20008.

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2008 Presidential Race

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