Monday, December 11, 2006

Barack Obama Hype - Mainstream Media All Abuzz

Only one month ago, US voters headed to the polls to try and change the direction of US politics by removing the GOP from leadership in the US House of Representatives and Senate. However, many people in the national news media have now turned their attention to the 2008 presidential race before the Democrats have even taken charge of the US legislative branch of government. Doesn’t it make sense to see how well the Democrats will perform in their new duties of controlling the Congress before media pundits start talking about possible Democratic candidates for the White House in 2008? Recently, the only name most folks in the major news media are talking about is Barack Obama, a freshman Senator from Illinois.

While it is clear why many in the media like Obama, he is a very unknown commodity when it comes to politics and he certainly has never passed the media scrutiny which always happens when a candidate decides to run for the highest office in the land. In the most simplistic of terms, the major media pundits are supporting Obama strictly based on his appearance and the fact he is an African-American man. Barack Obama has many of the same communications talents as former President Bill Clinton, without the immoral behavior problems which effected Clinton both before and after he was elected President of the United States. To me, Obama is the anti Hillary Clinton candidate in the Democratic Party which means that some people support Obama more as a protest candidate to Hillary Clinton than to actual support for Obama.

On several occasions I have listened to speeches given by Barack Obama and I agree with most of the pundits that his speaking ability is great and his use of the English language to get across his points are magnificent. However, every young, good looking, candidate appears great at this stage of the presidential game and only time will tell if their good looks and charm will take them all the way to their party’s nomination. I remember another good looking young man who was all the buzz when it came to running for the Democratic Party’s nomination several years ago. That mans name was Gary Hart and when he first announced his intentions to run for President of the United States, the major media pundits crowned him the winner years in advance, just like they are doing with Barack Obama right now.

For those of you too young to remember what happen to Gary Hart, here is a brief explanation of how quickly his star faded from the national spotlight. One day, Senator Gary Hart was well on his way to winning the Democratic nomination for President when a story was released about a long term affair this married man had been having with a young woman. Soon, pictures were released to the news media showing Hart and his girlfriend on a boat called, “Monkey Business”. Within a few hours time, this anointed new leader of the free world went from likely becoming the next President of the United States, to a joke of a man who couldn’t even find employment in the news media as a respected political analysis.

While there is no reason to believe the Barack Obama has been unfaithful to his wife, there are other issues in life that could derail a presidential bid for Obama or anyone else. I am a big NFL football fan and anyone that follows that game, like I do, understands the real danger of peaking too early in a season. The real danger for Barack Obama is that he is receiving so much attention two years before the next presidential election that many voters could completely burn out on the idea of him becoming President before his name even appears on a ballot. To some people politics is nothing more than a game, but to others like myself, politics are about what is in the best interest of the United States and how the various candidates and party’s will effect important policies in the government.

As many people already know, it is very difficult for a US Senator to win a general election for President of the United States. The reason this is so difficult is because every Senator has a voting record, which can be attacked by their opponent. With a country as evenly divided as the United States when it comes to conservative and liberal issues, once a candidate starts campaigning in earnest for the job of President of the United States, every position he or she takes in the campaign will turn off a certain group of voters. Right now, without an official announcement from Barack Obama on his true intentions about running for the nations highest office, he is given a honeymoon by the media and the GOP. However, make no mistake about it, if Obama decides to seek the Democratic nomination for President his entire history as a man on the planet Earth will be examined and every mistake in judgment he has made will become public knowledge released by his political opponents and members of the national news media.

People who are addicted to following politics love this expectation game where attractive candidates like Barack Obama are floated as potential presidential nominee’s months before the first party caucuses. Judging by the excitement and the energy Obama is displaying in public events, he too has become caught up in this political game, which could find him defeated and disappointed when the real campaign gets started early next year. While Obama may be the flavor of the month when it comes to who media pundits think would make a great President; the real power players are still waiting in the wings to announce their intentions and once someone like Hillary Clinton enters the race, the whole process will change dramatically. I still believe that the Democratic nomination will go to Hillary Clinton because she will have the best campaign manager in the person of her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Like him or hate him, President Clinton is the best political strategist in the country and I would never bet against any candidate he whole-heartedly supported.

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