Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Thoughts - Food Family And Football

It is Christmas Eve once again and like every year this day will bring out what is the best and worst in most people. On the best side of things there will be many gifts exchanged between friends and family members and on the worst side there will be people running all over each other at shopping malls in an attempt to purchase those gifts. Last night, my wife and I went to a Christmas party that was held for everyone on her side of the family and it was a fun time for all with great food and a bunch of young children.

Today, we are traveling to a celebration being held for my side of the family that will involve more adult conversation and football watching. I always love the various food choices that are offered by the various sides of our families. On my wife’s side, there is always an abundance of Mexican Food because of their heritage while on my side of the family; Christmas offers a more traditional American feast. Yesterday, I took my mother-in-law out to eat at a local restaurant where we both enjoyed ribs as our main course. After our lunch, I went home and took a long nap that was very enjoyable.

The weather has been changing fast here in Central Texas. Yesterday around lunch time the skies were clear as a bell, but by sundown the clouds had moved in and it started to rain heavily last night around 7pm. Without a doubt millions of people will be taking to the highways in the next few hours to visit their families around the country and I so hope that everyone will take the time needed to have a safe trip. There have been so many fatal traffic accidents this past month on our main highway, Interstate 35 (I35), and I hope no additional people lose their lives over this Christmas holiday weekend.

Every year I believe more and more that Christmas time is for kids because of that gleam in their eyes as they look at wrapped presents with a sense of anticipation of what is inside always brings a smile to my face. Last nights Christmas celebration had at least five kids that were under the ago of 10 and while the adults ate great Mexican Food it was so much fun watching the little ones wait impatiently for the time to open gifts. I remember many years ago feeling the same way as my parents made me wait to open my presents and nothing, at the time, was so difficult to do.

I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas and if you are forced to travel the various highways of the country to reach your destination, please be careful and take your time. Also, if you are doing any last minute shopping today, please be courteous to your neighbors and remember that the best part of Christmas is the time you will spend together with your family and not in finding and picking out that perfect gift.

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