Friday, December 22, 2006

Climbers Presumed Dead On Oregon's Mt. Hood

For all practical purposes, rescue workers in Oregon have given up on finding the remaining two lost mountain climbers alive and have trimmed back their search efforts. More than likely these remaining two men have been dead for days, but no one wants to admit that fact without their bodies being recovered from Mt. Hood. Mountain climbing is a very dangerous sport and it is made more dangerous during the winter month when unexpected snow storms and blizzard conditions can turn a beautiful day on a mountain into a nightmare within a matter of minutes.

The body of Kelly James was recovered a few days ago on Mt. Hood where he was left by the other two climbers who most likely were trying to find a way off the mountain in order to get medical help for Mr. James who had suffered a dislocated shoulder. When I heard that James was found dead inside the relative comfort of that snow cave, I pretty much gave up hope that the other two climbers would be found alive. What makes this Mt. Hood tragedy even more terrible is that it is Christmas time when families get together and celebrate the holidays. However, for the families of these three men, Christmas will forever be a bittersweet time because of the loss of their loved ones.

It takes all kinds of people to make this world go round and while some people see these three men as crazy for attempting a climb of Mt. Hood in the middle of winter. There are other people that believe life is made for big challenges and without such life or death struggles, life would not be worth living to them. The main reason the United States has become the leading industrial country in the world is because we have more than our fair share of people that are risk takers. Without people that are willing to take risk, the world would never advance and modern day conveniences would never have been invented without the sacrifice of those that are willing to risk both their careers and life for something they love and believe in.

It is true that nothing positive will come from the deaths of these three men on Mt. Hood, but the very idea of someone desiring to risk their life to either make a major discovery or to feed a desire inside their soul are the same thing. While a majority of people around the world might find the actions of these three men reckless, the truth is without men and women willing to take risk we would all still be riding horses instead of automobiles. More than likely the families of these three lost and presumed dead climbers will never truly understand why their loved ones had to make such a dangerous climb because they are like me, a person that prefers safety over risk taking. However, hopefully in the end they will realize that the death of these three men, while tragic, was the way of life they chose for themselves and they would not have enjoyed life without risk being a part of their DNA.

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Climbers Presumed Dead

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