Thursday, December 21, 2006

Colorado Snow Fall Produces Christmas Blizzard

While most people in the United States will not see a White Christmas this year, some will and right now only four days away from Christmas Day the Denver Colorado area is being hit with a full blown blizzard. I usually keep up with weather news around the US on a regular basis, but this latest snowstorm completely caught me off guard. The last time one of these major snowstorms hit the Denver Colorado metro area, a few days later we saw terrible weather right here in Central Texas. Since my wife and I are planning on traveling by car on Christmas Day, bad weather is something we would like to avoid because it always leads to terrible road conditions in this part of the country.

The past few days it has been cloudy and foggy here in the Waco area and there it just a touch of chill in the air which gives me pause about what might be to come, weather wise, the rest of this week. Yesterday evening when I was driving to work, the skies were so foggy that I had to slow way down just to make my way in a safe manner. Then today the fog had broken, but there was still a bunch of moisture in the air, which means that something big is heading our way. The folks who believe global warming is a myth will use unusual weather conditions like this latest blizzard in Colorado as examples of how and why global warming is not a reality in our world.

Years ago I was like today’s global warming skeptics and I refused to see the facts in front of my face because I didn’t want to pay higher prices for gasoline and I didn’t want to alter my present lifestyle. However, over 90% of scientist now believe that global warming is real and the only folks who are still holding on to old outdated ideas, on this issue, are far right nuts like Rush Limbaugh and a few oil company CEO’s. Even President Bush acknowledges, in a strange sort of way that the world is getting warmer, even though he has not fully taken a position on what is actually causing the Earth to continue to get warmer year after year. I am one of those people who will now admit that the Earth is getting warmer, but I doubt man or science can do anything about this warming trend.

I wrote a month ago about my desire to see a White Christmas this year and as they say; “be care for what you wish for because you might just get it”. While I would love to watch the snow falling in a Texas sky on Christmas Day, the very fact that I will be traveling in a car, on that day, does cause me to take pause on that White Christmas Wish idea. However, if it does decide to snow in Central Texas this Christmas, I will make the best of it and just take my good sweet time out on the highways during my travels. Nothing is more relaxing than seeing snow falling from the heavens on Christmas morning. This year, there is a good possibility that people in many southern US states will not only see snow falling from the sky on Christmas Day, but they could also have enough snow accumulation to build their own snowman in the front yard before Christmas dinner.

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